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After Nine Years of Unflagging Journalism with Splash FM, Where is Edmund Obilo Heading to?



After Nine Years of Unflagging Journalism with Splash FM, Where is Edmund Obilo Heading to?


Last week Saturday, noted broadcaster and journalist Edmund Obilo revealed that he’s leaving Splash FM Ibadan, after spending nine good years of unflagging journalism with the first independent private radio station in the ancient city of Ibadan.

However, his final broadcast on Splash was on Wednesday, 26th, October, 2016 and he disclosed that he’s moving forward in order to chase his dream. Mr Obilo is known for his incisive interviews with prominent individuals, his bold approach of asking hardest questions, his unbiased analyst view of situations and intellectual based content which made him unique among his peers.

Over the years, his unique style of journalism that’s rare among broadcasters and journalists of this generation made his popularity go beyond the Oyo-State capital Ibadan, to other part of Southwest region of the country.

Edmund Obilo usually anchored Splash FM‘s most listened current affairs program ” Voices “ alongside with ” Bull Eyes “ where he usually asked those hardest questions from scholars and politicians and lastly ” Economy Search Light “ where he interviewed economist to address the situation of the economy and also him giving out an in dept analyst. Edmund’s platforms are known for an avenue where activists and ordinary citizens are invited to express their views and opinions on national questions.

On June, 9th, 2014, Obilo tasted the bitter side of his activism on radio for better Nigeria, when he aired interview he had with then Nigerian House of representatives member, Kamil Akinlabi who reveals dirty secret of how Gov of Oyo-State, Abiola Ajimobi and royal highness of Alaafin of Oyo are allegedly to be sharing the money belonging to the state, under the guise of fake contracts.

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The interview he aired that time got him into trouble in the hands of political power broker who order NBC to suspend the interview to be air on radio( report says its Gov Abiola Ajimobi that order NBC to suspend the interview to be air on radio) and also send him away for unprepared sabbatical leave.

Ever since then, Edmund’s popularity has been tested and its show that he’s truly a influencial figure in the station and society at large. Sometimes in June this year, Obilo had a disagreement with the management of the station, which led him to resign from his duty over the ownership of content he used on his various social media platforms, though the issue was resolve back and he was later return back to the station after a renewal offer was agreed between him and the management of the station.

As Edmund Obilo finally leaves Splash FM, the question in the lips of everybody is that where is he heading to? Though, his recent Facebook message shows that he will soon be back on radio but which station is the radio man heading to?

After Nine Years of Unflagging Journalism with Splash FM, Where is Edmund Obilo Heading to?

Channels Television : Over years, Channels TV has shows others TV stations in the country how TV broadcasting should be like that of CNN and others. Yes, Edmund love to be on radio but it will be great if he could challenge himself to on TV screen. Edmund usually makes reference that he study Fareed Zakaria of CNN skills of what good journalism should be. Its right time Edmund should put his study to work with TV screen.

BBC : After demise of late Ghanaian journalist Komla Dumor who anchor BBC World News program with Focus on Africa in 2014. Ever since his demise in 2011, no African journalists has aim or reach that level, but I strongly believe Edmund can do better than late Komla Dumor as an African correspondent for BBC. With little resources Edmund had at Splash FM, he has pull thousands of listeners to the station and also buy several people to his fans base, but with resource at BBC we are yet to see the best of him yet. 

He Should Own His Own Network : For his undiluted journalism, its right time Edmund should own his own network of production. Successful media mogul and journalists such as Oprah Winfrey, Christiane Amapour , Piers Morgan, Fareed Zakaria owns their show an aired it various media platforms. Here in Nigeria, Mo Abudu started with Ebony Life and aired it on DSTV. I think its right time Edmund need to start his own show and air it on radio or TV channels.

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Back on Radio (Speculated Destination is Fresh FM of Ibadan)

Yes, Edmund himself said it that he will be back soon on radio but which with which station? Over past few months, speculation has been going viral in town that veteran Tungba Gospel maestro Yinka Ayefele want to employ the services of Edmund to his own radio station, Fresh FM. In my own view and also no disrespect to Fresh FM brand, Edmund is too big for that brand. His presence in that station is just to drive more listeners to the station which will led to more income in advertisement charging.

In fact Edmund need new environment that we bring the best out of him than what we have witness at Splash FM, but if Fresh FM is the destination so be it.

He Should Join Politics

Everybody to hear Edmund on radio with the way he address the nation issue and also hoping for better tomorrow to come, but it will very interesting to see people like him run for public office than the so-called liars and corrupts politicians we have as leaders.

Though, Edmund has once said it that he envy Buhari , but he has not finished his activism for what good journalism should be in the country on radio.

I will love to know which destination you want Edmund to be next after departing from Splash FM by dropping comment below.

Hope you enjoy my write-up, see you next time.

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