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Who is Ruling us Politician or Leader : The Difference between a Politician and a Leader


Who is Ruling us Politician or Leader : The Difference between a Politician and a Leader

Barrack Obama crying over gun control bill

President of United State of American and world most powerful person on earth Barrack Obama, yesterday show sign of leader which is rare among our politicians as he started crying when defending his amendment bill for gun control in America.

Our great nation Nigeria got independent in 1960, but still yet the country is nothing to right about, all we can say is that bad leaders and corrupt leaders has been ruling us over the years, which makes the country to be stagnant like a river without destination.

A leader earns respect by virtue of character.  A politician demands respect by virtue of office.

A leader is proactive, a trailblazer.  By the nature of politics a politician is reactive.  He is guided by sentiments that are already popular.  That’s how votes are garnered.

A leader delineates a clear course of action and takes responsibility if errors are made.  A politician seeks to avoid responsibility for errors, and thus tends to obfuscate, saying very little with a large number of words.

To a leader getting a thing done is of prime importance.  One might take as an example the legendary Cincinnatus, to whom George Washington has often been compared.  To a politician the goal is of less importance than maintaining power and position.  In fact, if the thing gets done his continuing relevance may come into question, since he has built an image around that particular issue.

It strikes me as ironic that the American President is often called “the leader of the free world” because of his command of guns and money.  A leader inspires rather than coerces and bribes.  To a politician coercion and bribery are stocks in trade.

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