Sinach BiographySinach Biography

Sinach Biography: The Life and Career of Nigeria’s Gospel Music Sensation

Sinach is a Nigerian gospel music singer, songwriter, and worship leader whose actual name is Osinachi Kalu. She is renowned for her soulful songs and strong voice, which have captured the hearts of millions of listeners all over the globe.

Most likely, if you enjoy listening to christian or gospel music, you could have heard of Sinach. But let me present you to the gospel music legend you need to know about for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to her music.

She is the force behind some of the greatest gospel hit tracks in history, and her music has captivated audiences everywhere. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to Sinach, the one and only!

In this article, I’ll delves into the Sinach biography you ever read before anywhere. An interesting & captivating life of African gospel music legend.

Early Life and Education

Sinach, who was born Osinachi Joseph on March 30, 1973, is a native of the Nigerian state of Ebonyi. She grew up in a family of seven children and realized early on that music was her true love. She actually began performing in church when she was just 8 years old!

Sinach Career
Sinach Biography: Everything You Need to Know About Gospel Music Legend

Sinach’s love of music inspired her to study physics at the University of Port Harcourt, from which she earned her degree in 1992. She never forgot about her passion of music, though, even as she worked toward her education.

Musical Journey

Sinach began writing songs and leading worship while she was a member of the church band. Her debut album, “Chapter One,” was released in 2008 after the gospel music industry quickly recognized her ability.

When she wrote and recorded the single “I Know Who I Am” in 2008, she received her big break. As a result of the song’s immediate success, Sinach shot to fame.

Since then, Sinach has released a number of albums, including “Way Maker,” “Chapter One,” “Shout It Loud,” and “From Glory to Glory.” (2016). Several foreign platforms, such as the BBC, BET, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), have played her music.

Sinach leads worship at Christ Embassy, a Nigerian megachurch run by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, in furthermore to her singing career. She has played at a number of the church’s gatherings and conferences such as the year gathering of worshippers The Experience, and several worship service includes her music in its entirety.

Since the album was a success, Sinach’s work has flourished. Her subsequent albums included tracks like “I’m Blessed,” “The Name of Jesus,” and “Way Maker,” which has grown to be one of the most well-known gospel songs ever.

Personal Life

Sinach is a loving wife and mother in addition to being a gifted singer. She has been married to Joe Egbu since 2014, and the two of them have a stunning daughter. Sinach is a philanthropist who supports a number of charity organizations, such as the InnerCity Mission for Children.

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Achievements and Awards

Numerous accolades and awards have been bestowed upon Sinach as a result of her music, which has touched the souls of millions of listeners worldwide. At the Groove Awards in Kenya in 2016, she took home the trophy for African Artist of the Year. She was a nominee for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards’ Gospel Artist of the Year honor in the same year.

Many different musicians have covered Sinach’s biggest song, “Way Maker,” including Michael W. Smith, Leeland, and Bethel Music. The melody is now a universal anthem of worship and has been translated into a number of languages.

Legacy and Impact

Sinach has had a nothing short of phenomenal influence on the gospel music industry. Millions of people have been affected by her music, and her words have propelled countless others to pray to God when they are in need.

She has been nominated for numerous awards and has received numerous ones for her music, including the African Gospel Music Award for Best Female Gospel Artiste in 2014.


Sinach is renowned for her charitable endeavors as well. She established the Sinach Foundation in 2017, a nonprofit devoted to assisting disadvantaged children and families in Nigeria. The foundation helps those in need with their basic requirements, including healthcare and education.

Sinach Biography
Sinach Biography



Sinach has received several honors and awards for her music, which has touched the souls of millions of listeners around the world. One of Nigeria’s most well-known gospel music performers, she is known for her soulful songs and powerful vocals.

Beyond her work in singing, Sinach is a worship leader and philanthropist who is committed to assisting those in need. Her life and career serve as an example of how music and faith can inspire and transform people all over the globe.

In conclusion to this Sinach Biography, She is a major player in the gospel music sector. Not only is her music lovely and spiritual, but it’s also strong and motivating.

Do yourself a favor and check out some of Sinach’s songs if you haven’t already. I guarantee you won’t be let down!

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