Toxic by Skilon

Skilon Relaxing New Single “Toxic”

The talented and promising Afro Fusion artist Skilon is thrilled to announce that his latest single, “Toxic,” has been released. “Glass House,” the title track of his forthcoming debut EP, will be released in July.

His full name is Victor Segun Oyeku, debuted on the music scene in 2021 with the release of “Imaginary,” his debut single as a professional artist. Drawing motivation from his initial impacts, like Fela Kuti, Wizkid, Burnaboy, and Post Malone, Skilon has fostered a novel sound that consolidates smooth Afrobeats songs with reflective and interesting verses.

He’s hail from Oyo State, began his musical journey while he was in secondary school, jamming with his friends. Skilon was inspired to pursue his passion for music by their shared passion, and he soon discovered that he had an inherent talent for songwriting and creating captivating melodies.

His ability to convey genuine feelings through his music is demonstrated in “Toxic,” which delves into the complexities of a deplorable romantic relationship. “Toxic” is certain to have a profound impact on listeners all over the world due to its calming Afrobeats rhythms and his soulful vocals.

Skilon’s debut EP, “Glass House,” & follows with another release of “Toxic,” an exciting turning point in his musical career. The EP, which is scheduled for release in July, promises to be a collection of emotionally charged songs that demonstrate his artistic development and versatility.


The music industry has already paid attention to Skilon because of his undeniable potential and inherent talent. “Toxic,” the first single from Skilon’s upcoming EP, is a powerful introduction to his distinctive artistic style and establishes his position as a rising star in the Afro Fusion genre.

His name should be remembered with the release of his debut EP just around the corner and the captivating song “Toxic.” Keep an eye out for this dude as he continues to redefine Afro-fusion music and establish himself as a rising artist.

Toxic by Skilon

About Skilon

Victor Segun Oyeku, better known as Skilon, is a rising Afro-Fusion singer-songwriter. He’s hail from Oyo State and draws inspiration from artists like Fela Kuti, Wizkid, Burnaboy, and Post Malone, creates a distinctive and captivating sound by combining mellow Afrobeats melodies with reflective lyrics.
He has the potential to make a lasting impression on the Afro Fusion scene with the release of his debut EP, “Glass House.”

You Can Stream It HERE.


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