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The War Battle of Airwaves in Ibadan: Top Radio Stations in Ibadan


The War Battle of Airwaves in Ibadan: Top Radio Stations in Ibadan

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The bridge has crossed years ago, when Splash FM makes an entrance into broadcasting system of Ibadan, which has gave birth to others radio stations in city.

The ancient city of Ibadan is largest city in west Africa, and in recent years investors have foresee the city as another top notch for business, and also a lot of big shows or concert by corporate brands has been showcase in the city aside from the Lagos and other top cities in Nigeria.

Over the years, radio stations have played a vital role in the entertainment industry of Ibadan, aside from the clubs and hang outs that have risen dramatically in the last few years.

The city has boasted to have the biggest shopping mall in sub-Sahara West-Africa” Shoprite”Mr Price, banks, insurance firm, cinema house is increasing everyday in the city, but the most significant addition to the lifestyle of people living in the state is the fast growing pace of the radio stations, which according former Splash FM‘s OAP and media practitioner, Tony Roland Awobode, says:

” The increasing in stations shows that the economic and social strata of Ibadan is fast changing”.

In the past, most recognized radio stations in the city were Radio Nigeria; follow by Premier FM, BCOS later Oluyole FM, and the latest introduction of Splash FM which was a fully informative and entertainment radio station.

However, the entrance of Splash FM about 5 years ago has uplifted the entertainment status of the city. According to an insurance broker Tunji Abegunde, who says that the introduction Splash gave others younger generation a sense of belonging.

“When Splash FM came, they gave the younger generation a sense of belonging, as the station gave voice to youths via its tailored entertainment programmes. The local music industry also prospered as the other pre-existing radio stations took cognisance of the shift to Splash FM and thus re-aligned some of their programmes to create an avenue for budding artistes to get airplay for their material”.

Mr Tunji Abegunde, further stresses his point by saying that both Radio Nigeria and BCOS carved out entertainment frequencies to suit popular demands by establishing the Premier and Oluyole FM stations.

Gradually has the shopping mall were built, increasing in clubs & hotels open for business, the need for media outfits is gradually increasing every day and within a short period of time, new investors has moved in.

In short period of 3 years now, the ancient city of Ibadan has boasted 12 entertainment radio stations, and also the transfer market of creative raw material for the market demand is getting interesting and highly competitive everyday and the increasing has created a serious competition among them.

Some critics say that the numbers of radio stations in the city is too many and it not good, but opinion were divided because others people described the increasing as an avenue to boast the state economy, which can also leads more investors into the state, and it also give business owners a wide variety of choice as regards advert rates, among others, adding that the local entertainment industry would also thrive through the variety of avenues for music promotion.

It very interesting because as at today the city boasted over 12 entertainment radio stations such as Naija FM, Beat FM, Space FM, Lagelu FM, Fresh FM, Family Radio, Impact Business Radio, Star FM, Diamond FM, Amuludun FM, Inspiration FM and Raypower FM, while Splash FM still remain reckon force in the city.

For instance, the likes of Splash FM and Space FM placed premium on news and current affairs, others likes Beat FM, Ray­power and Star FM emphasized entertain­ment and youth-focused programmes.

Here are short preview on Top Radio Stations in Ibadan.

Splash FM: “The Integrity Station”, a name that it has also adopted as its slogan, It is consistent in providing “timely and accurate informa­tion”. The first independent radio station in the city of Ibadan, have bridge the gap between the radio and listeners citizen of the state over the years.

The station is owned by Chief Adebayo Akande, who is now Ekerin Olubadan of Ibadan. Over the years, the station has nurtured several raw talented presenters who came in without any experience in broadcasting but later become reckon force in the media space.

The station boasted lovely programmes such” Voices”,” Bulls Eyes”,” Economic Search Light” which Edmund Oboilo, usually anchor, while their some other interesting progremme such as Morning Splash with by Ronke Giwa (a.k.a Ronny Gee), this is a dynamic maga­zine programme featuring information and entertainment, which has it has sections on auto-clinic, tips on purchases, traffic, guest appearances, arts and entertainment, trending and with politics in the air now, political reviews.

Star FM: In there short 3 years of their existence in radio wave in Ibadan, Star Fm has turn themselves to become a top notch station for the people of Ibadan.

Star FM are followed by the audience because of such programmes as AM Rendevous anchored by Mayor Isaac Brown, Alaragbayida jointly presented by the duo of Bamiduro and Dele Oladejo, as well as Old School Jamz featuring the old tunes of the 70s and 80s, anchored by Abimbola Olowu, popularly called BYZEE as well as Home Drive by Oluwatade Ojofeyitimi (a.k.a Don Tee) and the station also boasted most sought after disc jockey in Ibadan, DJ AY.

Space FM: Can be described as community station and in their short period of time they have bridge the gap by exhaustively reporting government affairs and giving the people of the grassroots the opportunity to air their views.

Space FM are currently grooming young and budding presenters to also raise the game and the station was first media house that first broke the breaking news on the discovery of the notorious den of kidnappers and ritualists at Soka, Ibadan, carrying live commentaries from the scene of the incident.

Beat FM: Is an urban youth focused station that started their transmission on January 2013, and their targeted market niche is between 18 and 35 years age bracket:

The Beat FM has popular presenter Wale Ozolua, who is major a attraction on the station with his Morning Rush, a magazine pro­gramme offering wholesome information, education and entertainment all the way. They also boast talented presenter Lolu, Vicky among others.

Ray Power: The station offers unpretentiously entertainment content! And it served essentially through music, which apart from having generous air play as distinct musical programmes is also interweaved as an essential feature of other programmes such as talk shows.

The station/channel parades such shows as Raypower Lounge (noon to 2pm); Request Day; Throwback featuring both old foreign and local tunes) and Prime Time Africa by the duo of Kenny Ogungbe and D1.

While the station boasted to have had top notch disc jockey DJ Banky and many others.

Fresh FM: The introduction of veteran gospel musician Yinka Ayefele‘s radio station is another reckon force development in the broadcasting system of the city.

They station started has a station who doesn’t knows where it going, but gradually they are gaining ground after going into transfer market of shopping for raw talented presenters such as popular Yoruba newscaster Bayo Faleke, alongside with former Star Fm‘s presenter Rolake Bello, Mspyce and former Splash FM‘s disc jockey DJ NU and many others.

Amuludun FM: Is another interesting Yoruba package content station, which delivers his content in our indigenous language Yoruba to the general public.

The station boasted popular Yoruba sport programme with Shola Ayegbajeje and many others interesting power package programme.

Diamond FM: Is a non-profit-oriented community station and it 5 years old University of Ibadan campus radio.

Most of their staff is volunteers and at least two of their former volunteers are currently working with Splash FM, according to the station manager Mr. Paul Anthony Emokhare.

The radio also dedicates some hours to airing prepared lectures for students in the University’s Distance Learning mode.

Inspiration FM: The channel is reportedly borne out of the need to inspire Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 50 to live their dreams and achieve their potentials.

They started the transmission in Ibadan, sometimes around middle of this year. The station boasts a lot of blend of the best radio voices in Nigeria like eloquent Wana Wana, pretty Titi, Big Bold & Beautiful Chioma, Valentine, Terry, Teekay, Dallas, Eyo, Rufai and sultry Ego.

Here are the following to be launched radio station in Ibadan.

Lagelu FM: Is another radio station which will goes on live transmission sometimes around November, according Insider sources speaking exclusive to GY.

It content will be strictly on Yoruba and Pidgin English station, which will be dealing in current affairs, news and Yoruba music.

Lagelu a sister station of Splash FM and everything has being putting in place for the recruiting process of quality presenters for the station, while according to sources revealing exclusive to GY, says that:

Negations are going between the station and award wining gospel singer Tim Godfrey, for him to be anchoring a Gospel Pidgin programme for the station.

Impact Business Radio: Is owned by metropolitan broadcasting service and it will be launched very soon. Business and entrepreneurship will be its main focus.

IBR 92.5 FM will provide its listeners with timeless music and up-to-date sports reviews. It will also embark on meeting the lifestyle as well as business needs of its target group, including health and the arts.”

Naija FM: Is another latest radio in Ibadan, Naija FM is a sister station of Beat FM and the station have recruited the services of popular comedian, Peteru and many others.

With all these radio station in Ibadan, it seems that there is no dull moment on radio, and this, they stressed, makes their everyday life generally more interesting.

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