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Top 7 Funny Tweets about Lagos Rain and the Eclipse


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Top 7 Funny Tweets about Lagos Rain and the Eclipse


Lagos has experienced a stormy couple of days this week and the wetter-than-usual week has definitely filled many Lagosians with angst and disdain — at least on Twitter, anyway.

Most painful was the case of many having to miss viewing the September 1st solar eclipse as a result of heavy clouds and the rain.

Among all the grumblings and grousing, however, a few have been able to make light-hearted comments that are sure to make you laugh enough to crack a rib or two.

Jumia Travel has collected 7 of the funniest Lagos rain tweets. Check out the slideshow below and comment on your favorites — or add your own!

Uguomore Godstime on Twitter   Instead of solar eclipse what we saw here in lagos was eclipse of the Rain. I just hope they didn t pad the eclipse lol...Hapinew month all. .png


Abike on Twitter   Nah this is about to be lagos if this rain doesn t quit playing. https gaxG2LcjWk .png

Hmn…but then, competing with Venice would be great for our tourism sector, wouldn’t it?

PookY on Twitter    Lol  _triga  True picture of Lagos State comes out when it rain... it s like most gals without makeup or filter... Ugly  Rough...  .png

Most gals? It appears makeup is a staple for Nigerian girls.

Owodunni omolara on Twitter   It was the eclipse we expected in Lagos but the rain visited instead. I really sympathize with those that bought eclipse glasses in Lagos. .png

Why didn’t anyone advertise these eclipse glasses? We had no idea!

Nuatin️™ on Twitter    CoolFMNigeria  AjukaRosemary This rain will reveal why Lekki is an overrated place to stay in Lagos .png

Well…we love Lekki anyway!

Bibi on Twitter   By the time the rain is over at least Lagos people will have floated to Osun or Borno or somewhere they can be humble. .png


Media X  on Twitter   Annular Eclipse Seen in Owerri  Kano Other States in Nigeria But Rain Falling in Lagos Instead of Eclipse  SMH https 2hpeQO5ayD .png

But Lagos is “bae”, you don’t expect that it would conform to status quo…

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