Tiwa Savage Once Upon a Time

The year 2013, is great year for music lover in nigeria. Our various artistes records various melody song for us to hear and they event went ahead to record complied album for us to hear. Based on the album released some are heavily hype in media and other social media but along the run their songs did not be up with the commercial song.

Will appreciate their effort in putting songs together but it just that they did not meet our expectation from them.

Here on Gistyinka Blog, am going to reveal to you Top Nigeria Flopped Album of the Year 2013. They are biggest album of the year so far with ascending orders.

( 9) Samklef — 4KPTheGiftOfGOD

Samklef New Album

Multiple award wining music producer turned music Samklef, new album title ” 4KPTheGiftOfGOD”  was among flopped album of the year so far. He show his production skills in his new also featured other artiste for his complied album which did not meet up with our expectation .

8) Once upon a time- Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage Once Upon a Time

” Once upon a time ” By Tiwa Savage, is heavily massive hype ablum which did not meet expectation . For long time will have waited for Ms Ms Savage’s debut album with complied 21 songs in it.

Most of her songs are fillers, too much autotune, too much Don Jazzy and an over dependence on the gloss.

7) Chapter one- May D

Chapter one- May D

Former back up dancer turn singer May D, debut album was nothing to write about either as human begin or as an artiste. Most of his songs was assume as party songs, hip hop beats and having collaborations with biggest acts and producer in the game but it was unfortunate for him that his album did not launch him among a-lists artiste in nigeria now.

6) Me, my mouth and eye- Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan album

Veteran musician  Sound Sultan, Me, my mouth and eye could have usher him back into the game but with was just as an alien that did not have destination.

Me, my mouth and eye just keeps firing blandly with no clear defining purpose, hoping that something, anything will stick.

5) Take over- Kcee

Take over- Kcee

After successful have two biggest songs of the year Limpopo and Pull Over. His album was among weakest and flop album of the year so far. As the title of album says ” Take over” Kcee, did not take over anything in various nigeria top 10 playlist of radio station in the country.

4) The Journey- LKT

The Journey- LKT

Trying very hard to launch himself into nigeria music industry and while his effort at doing pop music in his indigenous language are commendable, the album falls short, repeatedly sounding like early-career 9ice.

He is still behind the likes of Olamide and Reminisce in indigenous language pop singer.

3) Grace and glory- Solid star

Solid star album

Their is nothing special in Solid star — ‘Grace and glory” Because what will are seeing is just reductive, repetitive album, boring songs with dead arrival album.

With the caliber of guest appearance, in demand producer and a vague knowledge of today’s music scene will make exactly the same record Solid Star has presented. No guts. No grace. No glory.

2) Baddest guy ever liveth- Olamide

Baddest guy ever liveth- Olamide

After successful released of his second album YBNL Olamide, as becoming monster in the game collaborate with biggest artiste in the game.

His Baddest guy ever liveth did not live to expectation will are waiting from this indigenous rapper. All will can see is just noises prior flopped album released. What special in Olamide, new album is the Gun Man Pose that went viral online, Only drawback? The album was not up to scratch.

1) Iyanya —  Desire

Desire by Iyanya


Lastly on the list is Iyanya. After rediscover his lost fame back and later tuned himself to the king of dance floor. All his after now is to entertainer people to dance.

But nothing wrong with that kind of aspirations but no one says dance music has to be as lazy or meaningless or mind-numbingly repetitive as what is on offer here.

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