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Travel Guide: Tips on How to Get Cheaper Hotel Rates


Travel Guide: Tips on How to Get Cheaper Hotel Rates

Woman lying on bed  in hotel room legs crossed mid section

Woman lying on bed in hotel room legs crossed mid section

Hmmmm it has been an interesting week for me, while summer holiday is here again. Here is an interesting article on how to get cheaper hotel rates for your holiday, seminar, conference, business summit and many other.

Getting great hotels at affordable rates could be a difficult task, unfortunately we can all admit that our poor organizational skills could be blamed for shortcomings in finding the perfect affordable hotels. Many times we find ourselves compromising on our travel budget since we are unable to find hotels within set range. Here is a list of little ideas from  will help you make the hotel rates that suit your budget.

Planning makes all the difference – Making plans in advance are a great way to stay ahead of ourselves. That way we get to have a good look at all the available options and then choose that which one suits our travel budget the best.

It may not be perfect but it’s gets the stress of last-minute hotel hunting out of the way. Comparing prices online is also part of the planning and now that could be done on the same website since many hotel-booking portals are now incorporating the compare options on their interface.

Book online – After comparing prices, it’s best to save yourself the stress and book online. Doing this on certain platforms would guarantee you the best possible price and even a cash-back policy in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Coupons, promos and freebies – These are a good way to cut back on costs. Don’t be too shy to print out that 30% off coupon for a weekend stay at a 4-star hotel. This would support your travel budget a great deal and it is indeed a great deal! Imagine having 2 30% off coupons! The possibilities! So get to searching for those hidden discounts – you’d be surprised where you’d find them.

Go small to win big – Considering smaller and  less expensive hotels is a great way to go, with these hotels, your stay could even be more memorable as they could be more customer-centric and dote on you more than the larger ones.

What other tested and tried interesting tips could get one cheaper hotel rates?

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