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Veteran Nollywood Actor Segun Arinze, Defend Entertainers Going Into Politics, They Are Not Their Because of Money


Veteran Nollywood Actor Segun Arinze, Defend Entertainers Going Into Politics, They Are Not Their Because of Money

Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze

For the past few weeks, Social Media and Blogsphere have been buzzing with trending topic of entertainers going into politics.

Former President of Actor Guide of Nigeria (AGN) and Veteran Nollwood actor Segun Arinze, has come out to defend his fellow entertainers going into politics.  However, the news of entertainer going to politics has receives massive bad criticism from some of their fans.

In latest interview with Punch, Veteran Nollywood actor Segun Arinze, has come to the defense of his  fellow entertainers colleagues who are seeking political office in 2015, general election.

The likes of 9ice, Julius Agwu, Kenny Saint Brown, Bob Manuel Udokwu and Desmond Elliot have declare the intention to run for public office in 2015 election.

He further says that despite the criticism might face, the foray of artistes and entertainers into politics is a welcome development for the growth of our democracy.

He said,

It is good for the industry and is also good for the country at large. And I think they will do well. Someone who decides to run or come into an office knows why he or she decided to run for that office in the first place. I don’t think they are going into politics for the money. I’m not going to be one of the people who would come out and say they are going into politics for the money. But they are going there to positively affect society.

Arinze also added that they would play a major role in helping the country to move forward as their experience in the arts and entertainment industry would help their political careers.

They are role models, people look up to them, they talk to people and they listen to them. Being a role model alone is a burden for them. So, they know that they just have to serve the right purpose

Arinze himself doesn’t see himself running for political office anytime soon. When asked if he had political ambitions, he replied,

For now, I am not going to get involved in running for elective office, but I’m in politics already. I love politics and I like to work behind the scene for now. I have people I am supporting but I definitely would not want to mention their names. I would certainly encourage other entertainers to go into politics.

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