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Good News for Android Users : Apple Music Now Available For Android Users

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Good News for Android Users : Apple Music Now Available For Android Users

Apple Music Android

Tech giant Apple Inc, has announced that its music streaming platform called ” Apple Music ” will now available for android smartphone users.

Ever since the evolution of Android in 2010, statistics has indicate that 52% of smartphone users has now on Android ( which is about 1.2 billion users, according to Google).

With this Apple is letting the older half smartphone users to enjoy the unbeatable streaming of music on Apple Music, away from the iOS users.

Actually Apple Music Android can still be considered in beta, with two of its features, the family membership plan and Apple Connect videos, currently not available.

Other than that, the app is same as what’s found in the iOS version. It’s currently available in over 100 countries, except for China, where the largest group of Android users happen to live.



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