Music Business: Apple In Talks to Buy Tidal

Music Business: Apple In Talks to Buy Tidal

Rap Mogul Jay Z Sell Off 33% Stake for $200M of Tidal to Sprint
Music Business: Apple In Talks to Buy Tidal

The Wall Street Journal reports that leading tech giant company Apple is currently in talks to buy Hi-Definition music streaming platform, Tidal which is owned by Hip Hop mogul and entrepreneur Jay-Z.

About 2 year ago, leading tech giant company Apple made a similar acquisition when they bought Beats Electronics owned by music entrepreneur Dr. Dre for whopping $3 billion. Before the Beats Electronics acquisition then, the platform had a streaming service called Beats Music.

With this recent talk, Apple has joined the league of tech giant company such as Google that are courting Tidal. Samsung has been in at least one round of talks with the company. Google and Spotify have also reportedly approach regarding partnerships.

Tidal Music Owners

The acquisition might not hurt Tidal as despite the support it enjoys from Jay-Z and his famous colleagues, their subscription is only at 4 million users. Apple Music meanwhile gained 11 million subscribers in less than a  year of its operation.

Both companies are yet to comment on the recent development.

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