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A father drowning in debt and his desperate son battle for their life. Elijah was a little child who suffered from his father Boro’s constant abuse of both his mother and himself. Elijah, driven by desperation, approaches a well-known gang boss in search of a solution.

Kill Boro is a compelling story that tackles the themes of family, survival, sacrifice, and the unwavering hope of forgiveness. It is set in the little hamlet of Azuama along a river.

The terrifying tale of Elijah, a small child tormented by his father Boro’s unrelenting cruelty toward him and his mother, is told in “Kill Boro.” Desperate, Elijah goes to a renowned gang boss for an unbelievable answer.

Download Kill Boro Movie

This intriguing premise presents a plethora of possible plot paths. But Boro’s character transformation seemed a bit too soon. Based on the premise, we anticipated seeing more of his harsh behavior against his family. Even though there was only one significant scene in the movie that showed this, it was strong enough to establish the mood.

Kill Boro movie cast or Kill Boro cast features Nollywood movie stars such as Hilda Dokubo, Ini Dima-Okojie, Gregory Ojefua, Philip Asaya, Kosisochukwu Ogboruche, and many others.

Kill Boro Movie Download
Kill Boro Movie Download

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