Tomarket Airdrop FarmingEverything You Need to Know About Tomarket Airdrop Farming

Tomarket Airdrop: The Next Blum?

Is Tomarket the next big thing after the well-liked Blum airdrop farming platform? To assist you in determining whether Tomarket is the next significant cryptocurrency airdrop opportunity, this article delves deeply into the similarities and contrasts between these two projects.

Table of Contents

  • Tomarket App vs. Blum App
  • Comparison of Their Games
  • How to Join Tomarket Airdrop Farming and Gaming
  • How to Play Tomarket Drop Game
  • How Tomarket Referral Program Works and How to Get a Referral Link
  • Would $Tomato Token Be Launched on Ton Ecosystem?
  • Conclusion

Tomarket App vs. Blum App 

Tomarket and Blum are two different projects, despite many similarities between them. Blum’s airdrop Telegram mini-game has attracted a lot of attention, while Tomarket on the other end goes one step further by providing airdrop farming via a special app.

Comparison of Their Games 

The main variations are broken out as follows:

  • Farming Duration: Tomarket requires prizes to be claimed every 60 minutes, whereas Blum’s farming system resets every eight hours.
  • Drop Games: By tapping falling tomatoes in drop games offered by both platforms, players can increase their token total.
  • Tasks: Tomarket has a “Task” area for extra prizes, the same as Blum does.
  • Referral Program: Unlike Blum, which has a 15-invite cap, Tomarket offers an infinite referral program.

How to Join Tomarket Airdrop Farming and Gaming

  1. Join through the Telegram App HERE.
  2. Upon opening, you’ll receive a registration bonus.
  3. Click “Start Farming” and return every 60 minutes to claim rewards.
  4. Access the “Drop Game” for additional $Tomato tokens.

Tomarket Airdrop Farming

How to Play Tomarket Drop Game

Blum’s and the Tomarket Drop Game are similar:

  • To score points, tap falling tomatoes.
  • The game is momentarily frozen by the white star icon.
  • Clicking on the bomb icon subtracts points.

How Tomarket Referral Program Works and How to Get a Referral Link

  • Receive 10% of your friends’ $Tomato tokens.
  • Receive one game card and +2000 $Tomato for each referral.
  • Get five game cards and a bonus of +20,000 $Tomato when you refer Telegram Premium members.
  • Find the menu icons by opening the application.
  • On the “Friends” menu, select “Invite Friends.”
  • Distribute your referral link to your network by copying it.
Tomarket Airdrop Farming
Everything You Need to Know About Tomarket Airdrop Farming

Would $Tomato Token Be Launched on Ton Ecosystem?

Although Telegram mini-games have made the Ton blockchain well-known, Tomarket’s launch has not been confirmed. But the well-known exchange Bitgetwallet is supporting them, which points to a possible listing in the future.

Tomarket Farming


With its user-friendly interface and limitless referral scheme, Tomarket presents a compelling airdrop farming potential. It remains to be seen if it overthrows Blum as the king of airdrop farming, but for token junkies looking for fresh options, it’s worth investigating.

You Can Start Your Tomarket Airdrop Farming HERE. 

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