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Up And Close Chat with Chibuzor…. A Veterinary Doctor’s Move into the World of Music

Chibuzor A Veterinary Doctor Turned Singer


Up And Close Chat with Chibuzor…. A Veterinary Doctor’s Move into the World of Music

The terrains of music is such that opens up its practitioners to a world of limitless possibilities, where dreams thrive, hope is brought to life and faith is obviously tangible.

What distinguishes the true breeds from the bandwagon lies in the passion, the resilient undying resolve to get the job done even in the face of challenges and daring obstacles. Times are tough, no doubt and survival remain an inevitable essential in the dealings of contemporary society yet the demand for true passionate and sincere execution of abilities and capabilities is on the rise.

“I have always been a music enthusiast from my days as a teenager, singing in groups, choirs and giving solo performances all around town”.

“As a veterinary doctor, the time has always been the major challenge for me, considering the fact that music is an art that requires a stupendously large investment of time”

It’s no longer news that an undeniably large part of the populace work on jobs basically to put food on their tables, all in a bid to put body and soul together hence with a deeper look, it will be very correct to say we have a lot of chefs working as engineers, farmers working as accountants, musicians working as doctors, nutritionists working as colourists, just to mention a few… a case of a round peg consistently trying to fit into a triangular hole.

Chibuzor A Veterinary Doctor Turned Singer 01

Up And Close Chat with Chibuzor…. A Veterinary Doctor’s Move into the World of Music

That very thin line between the execution of passion and the activation of survival remains blurred yet birthing the hunger for the true breeds, passionate enough to cut through the veils of mere survival into the realms of endless possibilities, not holding challenges and obstacles as a grudge or an incapacity but acknowledging its struggles yet breaking its frontiers into new horizons.

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I began to have a rethink about taking my music really serious when this statement suddenly hit me in the middle of a conversation with a colleague and l have not recovered from that virus, truly, time is of the essence”

“l feel like many times, we are only scared to surrender what we are given and we fail to realize that they are distracting us from what we have. When everything stresses me out, music is that place of succor; music is that one thing that brings me home in the midst of chaos”.

In a world lacking originality in the display of ability, it takes only the brave to engage the harsh reality that comes with trailing after true passion.

Gospel music’s newest addition is a professional veterinary doctor whose musical antecedent spans over two decades of consistent involvement in active music performances at different levels of the art.Chibuzor A Veterinary Doctor Turned Singer 00

Chibuzor is set to take the gospel music scene to a whole new level of artistry via his unique blend of musically versatile sounds that inspires your mind, encourages your spirit and lifts every fiber of your body. Chibuzor’s artistic sincerity would go a long way in solidifying his place in the gospel music world.

“l am very well aware of the hard work that goes into making good music and being a real musician! This is my life and l am willing to put in every effort that it requires from me, also very importantly, my fans deserve nothing but the best of what an artist can give and l am not about to let them down”.

The man…

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The artist…

The brand called Chibuzor!

Just like they say, the beginning is usually the hardest so let’s get this party started.

Looking into time from here, l can only say that the future becomes only what we call it to be.

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