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Coca-Cola Launches First Ever Alcoholic Drink In Japan

Coca-Cola First Alcoholic Drink


Coca-Cola Launches First Ever Alcoholic Drink In Japan

The world’s leading bottling company Coca-Cola has launched its first ever alcoholic drink.

The company launched it today (Monday) in Japan – a fizzy, lemon-flavoured concoction laced with spirits that seeks to capitalise on the growing popularity of chuhai alcopops enjoyed especially by young women.

Although the US firm dabbled in the wine business in the 1970s, the experiment in Japan is “unique” in the company’s 125-year history, said Coca-Cola Japan president Jorge Garduno.

Coca-Cola First Alcoholic Drink

Coca-Cola Launches First Alcoholic Drink In Japan

From Monday, three new Lemon-Do drinks – containing three, five and seven per cent alcohol – will be available in the southern Kyushu region of Japan.

A 350ml can, however, set you back of S$1.80 (150 yen).



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