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GY Book: Joyful with a Bleeding Heart by Adeola Olatunji


GY Book: Joyful with a Bleeding Heart by Adeola Olatunji

Adeola Olatunji having received a mandate from God in giving Joy, happiness and beauty to people in her generation. She is specifically in the women and ladies ministry. Her life has been a testimony to so many and she has dedicated her life to this course.
Is in pursuit of this mandate that she released this book as a testimony and encouragement to others. Adeola Olatunji is from Igbajo, Osun State, married to Opeyemi Olatunji.

She’s the third child of four and presently based in Canada. Adeola is an Economist and also a Human Resources Personnel.
The pursuit of her Mandate lead to the creation of “Daughters. Of God Ministry (D.O.G.M) Joyful with a Bleeding Heart

The vision is to give beauty for ashes to women, liberty to the captive and bring Joy to so many ladies in this generation going through turbulence while single or in marriage.

Joyful with a Bleeding Heart is an inspired by holy spirit to bring good tidings to everyone who has or is going through one challenge or the others.

It teaches a biblical principle of importance of joy, how to keep your joy intact when situation is tensed as well as how to find it again if lost.

Joyful with a Bleeding Heart is a dynamite in the hand of those who read because it will help you understand that very challenge can become a testimony.

Also no crisis should be big enough to steal your joy. A problem or challenge cannot be called by name, if there is no solution or way out.

Meanwhile, this solution and a way out can only be found in Jesus and in God’s word if followed. You can read the Joyful with a Bleeding Heart by Adeola Olatunji.



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