Why Kiss Daniel Sacked His Manager for Crying Foul Play After He Got Slap from Davido by Akinyemi Ayinoluwa

About a few weeks ago, a report had it that DMW‘s boss Davido slapped Kiss Daniel‘s manager Oluwatumininu Lawrence at Davido’s City of David concert in Lagos. Ever the news broke out, we don’t know who is saying the truth between Davido or Kiss Daniel, although both stars have unfollowed each-other on social media, and Davido himself has come out to denies the allegation on his brand image.

As the situation unfolds, one of a most respected lawyer in the creative industry, Akinyemi Ayinoluwa have some interesting fact to say about the slapping saga between Tumi Lawrence, Kiss Daniel, and Davido.

1. Oluwatumininu Lawrence expressed his disgust on twitter and Instagram two weeks after he got slapped and physically assaulted at Davido’s ‘City of David’ concert on December 27th, 2018.

2. Kiss Daniel refused to perform at David’s concert, in solidarity with Tunmininu, and stormed out of the venue.

3. Kiss hailed Tumi, his manager, & supported him in public and mentioned that he would not endorse any violation on the person of any member of his team.

4. David denied slapping and assaulting Tumi. He alleged that after helping out with Collaboration on the One Ticket song, the kiss Daniel camp are now working round the clock to soil his name.
5. Tumi was on radio with BABA KEKE of Kennis Music and gave a blow by blow account of what transpired. He stood by his story.

6. 10th of January, 2019, Kiss Daniel, sacks Tumi via Instagram Post through his imprint FLY BOY INC. He announced new manager and PR.

He did not terminate his relationship with Tumi via any other medium…. Not verbally, not email, not letter.

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Why Kiss Daniel Sacked His Manager for Crying Foul Play After He Got Slap from Davido
Why Kiss Daniel Sacked His Manager for Crying Foul Play After He Got Slap from Davido by Akinyemi Ayinoluwa

7. “Flyboy Inc is not responsible for any statement issued by any party, therefore please disregard any unverified stories making the rounds on social media,

blogs and other news outlets.”
“Fly Boy Inc holds other artistes, staff and industry personnel in high regard.”


Again, this Davido slap scandal typifies how unforgiving the industry is. Tumi got slapped by an ‘untouchable’. He cried foul. Kiss momentarily supported him

But has now SACKED him because he is on a quest for world domination.

My source confirms that Kiss pitched his tent with his new manager to help remedy what is left of his relationship with DAVIDO. He also has a show to sell in April, 2019, and is hopeful that DAVID will help

out with promoting the concert, and maybe come through with a performance on the night. Tumi is of little or no consequence in the scheme of things.
It is still a ‘dog eat dog’ in an industry where loyalty is a hard sell…. The industry is filled with SHARKS..
In the new year, we should all use our UPPER. 😁. GET YOUR MONEY. #creativeindustrynarrative
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