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What Does ” LIS ” Means in Linda Ikeji Brand


What Does ” LIS ” Means in Linda Ikeji Brand


Linda Ikeji Media Office in Lekki

It’s no more news that noted blogger Linda Ikeji is expanding her brand with four more brands such as Linda Ikeji Music, Linda Ikeji TV, Linda Ikeji Radio and lastly Linda Ikeji S.

The question now is what’s ” LIS “, Though according to her she says that this one is bigger than her ” LIB ” which means Linda Ikeji Blog : “…there’s LIS which I hope will be my biggest brand yet. Maybe even bigger than LIB. I will be unveiling that in a week or so, and I will need your massive support with this one.”

According to her she says ” Oh my! I can’t wait to finally unveil this next week! What do you guys think LIS stands for?.”

As the countdown begins, let’s guess what ” LIS ” brand means under the stable of Linda Ikeji Media.


(1) Linda Ikeji Studio

Just as we have Pulse Studio, Linda might be planning to have her own studio where by interviews might be conducted which might be the next viral video like that of  Tiwa Savage’s setting the record straight on Teeblizz saga or Linda might be thinking owning a studio whereby upcoming artistes can record their songs, with strong impression that if they record in that studio with gossip blog, getting the word out about them outside would be extra easy.


(2) Linda Ikeji Show

The most sought after content online right now is video. As the company purpose is still media Linda might thinking of owning the next viral like that of GT Bank’s ” Ndani TV “, Access Bank’s ” Accelerate ” and others.


(3) Linda Ikeji Style

The fashion sector is another profitable venture in the creative industry. This sector truly connected with media becauseall visual media outfits use costumes. Though the industry is overcrowded but Linda can survive and make her own traction.

Start-up Concept

(4) Linda Ikeji Startup

With recently discovery of by Jason Nkoju of iRoko TV , Sparks and, which led to $45,000 fund for the Lagos based event venue startup. Lets not forget that Linda has empowered over 50 young ladies with her self-made project. We all have all brilliant ideas but getting fund for that idea is huge obstacle for entrepreneur.


(5) Linda Ikeji Suites

Hospitality business is very lucrative in this digital age. Come rest your head…

Its up to you now, what did you guess the LIS might means to you..



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