Did You Miss Splash FM Governorship Debate 2015? 4 Governorship Aspirant in Oyo State, Rubs Minds Together at Splash FM Governorship Debate 2015

Splash FM 105.50 Ibadan
Splash FM 105.50 Ibadan

The highly anticipated 2nd edition of Splash FM Ibadan, governorship debate was held on Tuesday 3rd, February, 2015 at the International Conference Center of the University of Ibadan.

The governorship debate was organized by the first radio station in the ancient city of Ibadan, Splash FM 1055, is to ask the 5 gladiators in the Oyo state politics, who are contesting against each others for the Governorship seat of the state on what they are their for making the lives better for the citizens people of the state.

The Splash FM Ibadan Governorship Debate 2015, have the presence of His Excellency Governor of the State and All Progressive Congress (APC) aspirant, Senator Rashidi Ladoja ( Accord Party), Senator Teslim Folarin ( Peoples Democratic Party) and Engr Seyi Makinde (Social Democratic Party ) , while the governorship aspirant of the Labour Party and former governor of the state Chief Alao Akala was absent at the debate.

The Labour Party candidate former Gov Adebayo Alao-Akala is available that day but he sent in his apology.

The last session of the debate was moderate by  veteran political broadcaster Edmund Obilo, while the likes of Mrs Edem Osei, Mr Ojeh, Mrs Anjorin and many others while the panelist for the debate.

The interesting moment was when the state governor say that former governor of the state Senator Ladoja, refunded over 500 billion naira EFFC scam back to the state account, but Ladoja denies returning a kobo to the state government account.

Here are complete Excerpt from the Splash FM Governorship Debate 2015

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Sen.R.Ladoja;”We will create industries like in Thailand that don’t need that much input.

Sen. AA.Ajimobi;”Journalists must do more to get more information and investigate, Sen. AA.Ajimobi:”I instructed the finance dept. to ensure transparency.

Question;What are plans to ensure that there is security & water supply within the new communities springing up?

Sen R.Ladoja;”Government depend on feedback and sometimes consultants misinform that you are doing well.

Engr Seyi Makinde, Oyo State governor Sen Abiola Ajimobi, Sen Teslim Folarin and Sen Rashidi Ladoja
Engr Seyi Makinde, Oyo State governor Sen Abiola Ajimobi, Sen Teslim Folarin and Sen Rashidi Ladoja

Sen AA.Ajimobi;”Yes Senator Ladoja started Ayete but never finished &we are doing that in this administration.

Sen AA.Ajimobi;”Aspirants should have taken oaths not to come here and lie.

Eng. S.Makinde; “We have to solve the issue of power as that will ultimately affect the flow of water.

Eng. S.Makinde; “I have sank boreholes for several communities ion Oyo State.

Eng. S.Makinde; “We will ensure it’s easier to obtain certificate of occupancy for the mining sector in the state.

Sen. T.Folarin; “Apete still does not have water. We will look into this.

Sen. T.Folarin;”Encourage the private sector to come and invest in housing.

Sen. R.Ladoja; “I remember Water started running one week after we assumed Power.

Sen R.Ladoja; “The welfare of our pensioners is very important to me.

Sen. T.Folarin; “We are all about People, people, People.

Sen. T.Folarin; “We alerted the people of the state of the lack of human face of this current administration.

Eng. S.Makinde’ “I promise my salaries will go to the Teachers funds.

Eng. S.Makinde; I will ensure all my aides will respect the people.

Eng. S.Makinde;”Governance is about providing leadership.

Sen. AA.Ajimobi; “We rehabilitated health Centres &brought in doctors to Oyo state compared to what we met.

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Sen. AA.Ajimobi; “We believe in Primary healthcare &have taken a lot of measure in taking care of the people.”

Sen. R.Ladoja; “How can teachers concentrate when You don’t pay their salaries.

Sen. R.Ladoja; “There are no chairs in schools, The facilities are not there and this shows in their results.”

Sen. AA.Ajimobi; “We have done alot in eduction even though we have the largest number of students’

Sen. AA.Ajimobi; “The FG has refused to contribute financially . FG is a PDP Government..”

Sen. AA.Ajimobi; “We have encouraged teachers through manpower development, training over 81,000 teachers…”

Eng. S.Makinde; “Facilities R not there& we’ll ensure funding 2provide facilities & raise standard of education”

Eng. S.Makinde; “We will reactivate Parent Teachers Association…”

Eng. S.Makinde; “If we need to borrow we will do so because eduction is very important.

Sen. T.Folarin; “We will declare a state of emergency and address the issues facing education in Oyo state.

Sen T.Folarin; “The state of our schools show the ineptitude of this present government…”

Question; What in your opinion are the real challenges facing education in Oyo state.What do you plan to do?

Sen. AA.Ajimobi; “We just discovered coal in Oyo which is currently being tested.We”re on the right track”.

Sen AA.Ajimobi; “We must not insult one another. Calling someone unserious is uncivilized.

Eng. S.Makinde”I am experienced in Oil and Gas and the methods apply to mining.

Eng. S.Makinde;”We will insist that local government where such mines are located be beneficiaries.

Question; What is your blue print for the mining sector in Oyo state?”

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Sen R.Ladoja; “We will manage the people mining by making sure we get our own people to work and add value.

Sen. R.Ladoja;”Currently Minerals are being exploited by illegal miners but we must set up processing plants.”

Sen. T.Folarin;”Failure to exploit potential of mining exposes the unseriousness of this/past administrations”.

Sen. T.Folarin; “We must ammend the laws so government can take full advantage of mining.

Splash FM Debate

Sen. R.Ladoja;”Currently Minerals are being exploited by illegal miners but we must set up processing plants.”

Sen R.Ladoja; “We will manage the people mining by making sure we get our own people to work and add value…”

Next Question for Aspirants: “How do You intend to turn farm settlements to employment generation for the state”

Sen. Abiola Ajimobi;”Our Government brought in 480 tractors compared to 180 that we distributed to farmers.

Eng. Seyi Makinde; “Never again will we have a government in Oyo state that will be made of of Cliques.

Eng. Seyi Makinde;”We’ll provide facilities for farmers to become productive & bring in investors through PPP.”

Senator Teslim Folarin “We will build a synergy between farm settlements and international institutes”

Sen.R. Ladoja;”If U want graduates to go into agriculture,U must make sure they earn as much as those in banks”

Credit: Splash FM Ibadan Twitter Page

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