Davido In Pregnancy MessFrom Atalanta to Paris, Afrobeats Music Royalty Davido In Pregnancy Mess

Davido In Pregnancy Mess As Two Women Claimed He Impregnates Them

Nigerian Afrobeats vocalist Davido is by and by in the news, this time for a supposed paternity show. One of the most successful and well-liked African artists in the world, Davido, whose official name is David Adeleke, lives an extravagant lifestyle.

Davido is one of the wealthiest musicians in Africa, with a net worth of approximately $25 million. He is well-known for his extravagant spending, his fine taste, and his affection for beautiful women. As a result, these new allegations are disappointing but not unexpected.

Two women, American model and entrepreneur Anita Brown and French real estate agent Ivanna Bay, have revealed that they are expecting Davido’s child in a wild turn of events.

On June 27, Brown, who uses the Instagram handle @ninatheelite, made the allegations for the first time. She took a pregnancy test while she was live on Instagram, and the results showed that she was indeed pregnant. She also shared graphic and explicit screenshots of alleged text messages between her and Davido.

Brown guaranteed that she met Davido in Dubai in 2017 and that they have had a hit-or-miss relationship “up until the pandemic, wherein I was then in a drawn-out relationship.”

She denied Davido’s claim that he pressured her into having an abortion. She also talked about her conversation with the singer’s cousin, Clarks. Clarks was attempting to persuade her to conceal some money in the Snapchat messages. He likewise asserted that he would attempt to encourage the vocalist to let her keep the child.

In the wake of being banged by Davido fans with individuals blaming her for involving his name for clout and attempting to bring in cash off him, she applauded back and released all damnation in a progression of Instagram stories guaranteeing that she was dependably well-known and paid.

“I’m a woman who doesn’t like sitting in cars worth less than $100,000. I have over $2 million in property, and I own a community. If I ever need money, it’s because there’s a lot going on, and that comes with being an entrepreneur.” — NinaTheElite

NinaTheElite Davido Babymama

In addition, Anita asserted that she was unaware that the head of the 30BG label was married :

“What really kills me is this married man narrative that you all are dragging like, oh I am dealing with a married man, cut it out. No, I did not know he was married, on God. I did not know he was married. Like, go to his page. Does it look like he’s married? Like, I’m confused,” In response to trolls’ attacks on her, she posted.

Throughout the course of recent days, Anita’s tirades and confessions have become more scorching and warmed, with the previous OnlyFans model expressing that Davido never expected to wed Chioma Rowland, mother of his late child, Ifeanyi.

She claims that Davido was forced into marriage by the tragedy. Davido was boldly tagged in Anita’s social media posts, and she asked him if he would have married Chioma had their son not died.

“That’s why you got bad luck and bad things keep happening to you. YOU ARE THE DEVIL! YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE,” Anita posted bitterly.

On June 28, French Cameroonian real estate agent and influencer Ivanna, who uses the Instagram handle @ivannabay, made her own allegations in the midst of the raging storm. She also detailed her own side of the story in her Instagram story and provided screenshots of alleged WhatsApp and Instagram messages between her and Davido.

Bay claimed that she had a sexual relationship with Davido when they met in Paris this year while he was promoting his Timeless album. She said that she is presently pregnant with Davido’s kid and that he has been attempting to pay all her calm.

Ivannabay Davido Babymama

“I’m just so disappointed in this kind of man. Women, be careful! God bless you. Oh, by the way, I’m still pregnant, so see you in less than nine months now.” — Ivanna Bay

In one of her posts, she snidely scrutinized the number of child moms the vocalist has and inquired as to whether it would be sufficient to frame a soccer group. Ivanna likewise claimed that Davido attempted to settle on her consent to a classification arrangement for $10,000 without a legal counselor present. She did, however, retract her claims and delete her posts shortly after Davido removed her from all social media accounts.

Davido hasn’t said anything about the allegations yet. It is likely for the best in light of the fact that manner in which Anita is moving, he would be advised to come right assuming he will come by any stretch of the imagination. On social media, there has been a lot of discussion about the allegations against Davido, with some people supporting the women and others defending him.

Davido In Pregnancy Mess
From Atalanta to Paris, Afrobeats Music Royalty Davido In Pregnancy Mess

In this instance, it is unknown what will transpire next. Davido could respond to the allegations in public or remain silent. The ladies could likewise decide to make a lawful move against Davido. The outcome of this circumstance will only become clear over time.

Meanwhile, it is essential to recall that these are only charges as of now. Davido is presumed innocent because he has not been found guilty of any offense. However, if the allegations are accurate, then this is a serious issue that requires proper investigation.

We hope that the truth will emerge soon and that everyone involved will be able to heal and find peace. Don’t forget: play dumb games and win dumb prizes.

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