Music Premiere : For the Love of the Nation! Download Yemy TPX...

Music Premiere : For the Love of the Nation! Download Yemy TPX — Naija Go Smile (Chapter 2) (Prod by Edward Sunday)


Naija Go Smile (Chapter 2).

Beyond the Music but the Impact.

An attempt to paint a picture of what Nigeria is going through at this moment will be one in futility because it is clear enough for everyone to see.

One thing however, is not clear enough for people to see and that is the way out of Nigeria’s situation. Thankfully, there is a man who strongly believes that greater days are here for Nigeria and he is Yemy TPX.

Yemi Olatunji (Yemy) is a prolific singer, songwriter and worshiper. Yemy’s music could best be described as Afro/Urban contemporary music, while some people call it Trado Contemporary music but in any case, his music has been widely recognized as a force to be reckoned with. Under his music ministry ” The Praising Xtian (TPX) ” Yemy creates an atmosphere of worship, praise and edification in God’s presence.

Yemy in his divine quest to bring smiles to the faces of Nigerians through music released a beautiful song ” NAIJA GO SMILE ” which attracted ” Naija Impact Award “ in 2014.He believes the song was for that season and with the advent of another season (this time more challenging), Yemy went to work on a new and rebranded song specifically for the Nigeria of today.

You can download the new song below and it’s an avenue for celebration of Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary is not just strategic but also a divine mandate because only God truly understands our pains and from Him comes our salvation in this Doom Looming.yemi-tpx-naija-go-smile-prod-by-edward-sunday-promoSo Yemy is inviting you to join the movement and spread the message of Hope by these following simple steps:

Write up “#NAIJA GO SMILE” on a white sheet of paper/small Cardboard
Take a picture with it or with group of friends
Kindly upload on as many social media pages you have
Tag him on FB: Opeyemi Olatunji/ Intagram: Yemytpx / Twitter: yemitpx and, NAIJA GO SMILE (Chapter2 Produced by veteran Edward Sunday).yemi-tpx-naija-go-smile-prod-by-edward-sunday-promo-00This campaign by Yemy has no political or sentimental affiliations whatsoever. It is a move by a Nigerian for a better Nigeria and it seems simple enough to participate.
So join the movement, NAIJA GO SMILE!

Download, listen Live and Share.

Download Yemy TPX — Naija Go Smile (Chapter 2) (Prod by Edward Sunday)


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