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Wizkid Open Up on His Beef With His Former Producer, Samklef


Wizkid Open Up on His Beef With His Former Producer, Samklef


In recent days the beef between pop singer Wizkid and his for music producer Samklef, is getting hotter days by days.

In recent interview that music producer Samklef, says that Fame Change Wizkid and He is An Ingrate to Have Called My Beat Amateur .

Starboy, Wizkid has reacted to the angry comments made at him by his former producer, Samklef.

He took to Twitter to share his own thought ” In Life u meet some people u love as much as u love ur blood..I have nothing but Love for Samklef

In order to clear the beef on media Wizkid , was asked to open up on his beef with his former producer Samklef , Wizkid, address the beef at press conference at Black House Media office in Ikeja Yesterday.

Everyone has their opinion about Wizkid and if anyone calls me terrible, I think people should go and ask him why. I made music with Samklef for four years and during those days shouting ‘Samklef noni’ everywhere. I’m just trying to be me. Every one cannot like you’ he said.

Asked if fame has changed him, he replied, ‘It hasn’t, it’s just added some accessories and good clothes. It didn’t make me taller in anyway’.

Samklef had in a series of tweets posted earlier today, attacked the 24-year-old act, accusing him of betrayal and pride, ‘I was paid 250k for this kidz 6 trackz, I not try? I made no money from this dude, all I wanted just to support for 4 years. He keeps posting me’ he wrote.



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