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10 Photos You Mustn’t Forget To Take On Your Wedding Day


10 Photos You Mustn’t Forget To Take On Your Wedding Day

We know how busy it gets on the big day. What with everybody running around, aunties screaming at the top of their voices, your mother wondering why it’s taking the caterer so long to deliver the bowl of salad and what not. If all of that isn’t enough to throw you off and set your already rankling nerves in more turmoil, then I don’t know what will.

In the midst of all these however, you mustn’t forget to take some very important photos for your wedding album because in a few months or years, when you pick it up, you will regret not posing for those important shots.

The Dress

Photo by J.P. Kenenna

It’s important – extremely –  to capture the beauty that is your wedding dress, hanging in all its glory, before you put it on. Years later, you’ll be thankful you did.

Other important details like shoes and the bouquet also make for a beautiful wedding album.

Photo: Diko Photography

Bridal Portrait

Photo by Diko Photography

This is the calm before the storm and it’s also when your makeup is at it’s freshest.

Photo by B.Lawz Studios

Also be sure the best angles of your wedding dress are captured.

You and Your Girls

Get the photographer to capture you and your best girls in formation both while getting dressed and after dressing up.

Photo by Diko Photography

Photo by George Okoro

Photo by Diko Photography

Mummy and Me!

Photo: Instagram/t.alamodebeauty

Because she’s going to be extremely busy on this day and because most photographers tend to focus only on that walk down the aisle with daddy, it’s important that you grab your mum for a quick and cute photo before you head out to church.

The Walk Down the Aisle

Photo: Crispy Photographs

It’s likely the photographer won’t forget this but be sure to remind him at least two times. You don’t want to take chances.

The First Kiss

Photo: B.Lawz Studios via BN Weddings

What are you doing if you don’t document your first (legal) kiss? You’re allowed to not complete the photographer’s payment if he misses this very special moment – serious.

A cute photo of you and hubby just goofing around

On the rainy days, this photo will remind you of how happy and in love you were when you chose each other as life partners.

Photo: George Okoro

The First Dance

Whether it’s just you and hubby on the dance floor…

Photo: BN Weddings

Or you had your crazy friends cheering you on…

…the first dance photo will always stir up good memories.

The Bouquet Toss

Good for aesthetics. Also good for when you want to take a playful jibe at your friends.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Very important.

Now, go on and hand the photographer this list, tell him/her we said it must be followed to a T – along with the hundreds of other shots to be taken on the D-day. You’re welcome.


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