3 Ways Singles Can Spice Up This Valentine Season
3 Ways Singles Can Spice Up This Valentine Season

The Valentine season, more often than not, leaves singles feeling out of place. Well, it doesn’t have to be so. Jumia Travel shares the following 3 tips on how singles can spice up this Valentine season and join in on the merriment, maybe even making a number of people wide-eyed in admiration in the process.

Remember Friends and Relatives

Instead of sitting, thinking about how hard life is without a romantic partner, remember your friends and relatives. Visit them, plan an outing with them and have fun together celebrating the bond of love, family and friendship you have with one another. You might say, “What if my relatives and friends have partners?” That might be true, but not all will have partners. Of all your relatives and friends, there surely will be a couple without a partner. And even if by some stroke of luck, they all are in relationships; the truth is not all will have something planned with their partners for that day. So, don’t rest on your oars or make excuses about it, get up, get out, meet with these people and have a memorable time. The fact that you don’t have a partner for this occasion doesn’t mean you should stay on your own, and it definitely doesn’t mean you are alone.

Do Something You Love

Indulge in a hobby you love. We can get so carried away with day to day life that we forget the things we love to do. Take time to do these things. Do you love to lay cozy in bed, with a book in hand? Do you love to write? Or is it video games you love to play? Shopping or window shopping perhaps? Whatever it is, do it this season. You’ll thank yourself later when that feeling of satisfaction settles within you.

Spend Time with Yourself

Who says being on your own this season has to be boring and depressing? Please take the time to have some needed me time. Chill with yourself, spend time with yourself, take advantage of the period to renew your love for yourself, to appreciate yourself more and open your eyes to your strengths and weakness. Do some soul searching and come out refreshed, a new person and a better and stronger version of yourself. Even those in relationships will tell you the importance of self-appreciation; that you don’t have a partner doesn’t mean you are incapable of or not entitled to self-appreciation. Treat yourself, order mouth-watering dishes and have them delivered to your door-step, and make the best of this season.

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