4 ways Nigerians can Make Learning Easier with Smart Gadgets
4 Ways Nigerians can Make Learning Easier with Smart Gadgets

In recent times, developments in the technology – including the launch of smart gadgets – have aided the advancement of knowledge. Not only has it created easier access to information, it has definitely made learning easier especially in the third world country. These smart gadgets which are now being used as a source of learning in institutions of learning has considerably influenced the field of education.

Again, it has not only made the concept learning fun, but has led  to better results. Jumia Travel in this article shares 4 ways Nigerians actually learn better with these smart gadgets.

Management of Special Educational Needs (SEN)

ADHD, Dyslexia and dyspraxia are some common SEN issues that make learning difficult for certain students. Most school and teachers find it difficult getting across to these students and so most times, their needs are not essentially met. With the technology available now, most of these gadgets enable performance tracking, helping teachers plan for each student based on their performance and learning abilities. Teachers can easily meet the needs of these students both in and out of the classroom.

Development of motor and learning Skills

The basic learning skills include audio, visual and kinetic skills. Motor skills involve the use of the hands either in moving objects, writing or crafting. With the launch of tech gadgets, many students learn concepts and how to make inscriptions at an earlier age. A toddler can now easily grasp the concept of selecting similar objects or colours with the help of games on his laptop or iPad, and even build his motor skills by the swiping and movements needed to achieve this knowledge. Again, he can follow instructions and communicate better by following the visual or audio prompts programmed in these gadgets.

Independent learning

With these smart gadgets, students and learners have access to a lot of data. The data provides information from which they can either learn new concepts on their own or further explore topics that have been introduced to them by their teacher or instructor. They have easier and quicker access to news, new discoveries and developments and can even download and bookmark whatever interests them.

Teacher – Students’ interactions

These gadgets bridge the communication gaps between students and teachers. The student can reach the teacher easily and in real time too. Mobile text applications and educational social networks including Edmodo, Pals.com e.t.c connect students with knowledgeable educators who can serves as mentors to them.

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