5 Tips For Stylish Nigerians Traveling This Holiday5 Ways To Save Money On Travel Expenses
5 Tips For Stylish Nigerians Traveling This Holiday
5 Ways To Save Money On Travel Expenses

People most times associate travel with an endeavor that requires spending a significant amount of money to fund.

This, therefore, hinders them from travelling, or travelling as much as they would like. Jumia Travel shares 5 ways you can save money on travel, and thus help you fulfill your desire to travel.


Especially for air travel, take advantage of off-peak periods when airlines often lower their prices or give discounts on airplane seats. Periods like April to July and October to November, are the best times to get the cheapest flights because of the rainy season. Although, this may vary slightly from time to time, so you should watch out for the best deals and promos by following airlines on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and by visiting their websites frequently. This can also help you make comparisons on the airlines with the best offers.


Whether air, railway, land or sea travel, you should take time to explore your options and find the best travel deals. Online forums like Nairaland, Facebook and Whatsapp groups can help with this. You can also visit the website of the transport companies to get needed information about their prices and promos.


Travelling light helps you avoid being charged for excess luggage and thus helps you save money. To help you travel light, you should keep in mind the fact that you are travelling not relocating; remember that any form of travel is temporary so pack more of the things you need, rather than ‘just in case’ items. Start packing early and use a list, so you can determine the exact things you will and won’t need.


Don’t let yourself be pushed to a corner. Don’t plan your travel at the last minute, and then be forced to take whatever is offered by the transport companies.

But take note, the fact that you are avoiding booking for travel at the last minute doesn’t mean you should then make your bookings very early. Sometimes that can backfire, as transport companies may charge higher prices to make the most of the period because they are still confident of an increase in demand. Time it well, especially by tracking the activities of these transport companies online and on social media, and make your bookings.


Airport pick-ups and taxis cost a lot more than public transportation. To save a significant amount of money on travel, make use of public transportation when you get to your destination. If you don’t know your way, ask one or two people, preferably the staff working at the different terminals.

If taking public transportation is inconvenient for you, you can hire a taxi. Although, instead of bearing the cost alone, you can make enquiries, talk to a few people and find one or two of them going to either the same place you are going or a place close enough to where you are going, and share the cost with them.

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