D’banj Revealed that Dr.Sid Influence lead to Mo Hits Record break-up and also recount his experience with Mo'Hits Family.
D’banj Revealed that Dr.Sid Influence lead to Mo Hits Record break-up and also recount his experience with Mo’Hits Family.

The break-up between pop star D’banj and his former producer and business partner Don Jazzy, is still the biggest split in Africa and Nigeria music industry.

With self-acclaimed names such as Koko Master, Skibanj, Labete, Eja Nla, Banga Lee, D’banj, was live on veteran broadcaster Olisa Adibua‘s online interview programme called ” The Truth”.

During the 34 minutes interview with Olisa Adibua, pop star D’banj,  opens up on how it all started, his journey to stardom, how he met Don Jazz and all that you want to know about the split of Mo’Hits Records.

D’Banj also speaks about what transpired between Good Music Record Label and Mo’Hits Records, in addition, his relationship with Kanye West.

The entertainer and business man D’banj, founder the defunct label Mo’Hits Records with his former friends Don Jazzy, in 2014. Under the label he has successfully released album such as No Long Thing, Rundown and The Entertainer.

In a new interview on ‘The Truth’, D’banj spoke deeply about his issues with the Don Jazzy, and Dr Sid. The interview ranges from him chasing Kanye West, and his betrayal by the group.

But an acrimonious split in 2012 made them go separate ways, launching their separate imprints and releasing music. D’banj believes though, that the discontent of Dr Sid was a major reason why Mo’Hits broke up.

He revealed this during his interview on Olisa Adibua’s chat show, ‘The Truth’, sharing his experience with Mo’Hits, while playing a recording that captures the voice of Dr. Sid, expressing his discontentment about D’banj’s superstar status, and angrily revealing that D’banj’s greatness was not good for his career.

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