D'banj Speaks with Olisa Adibua on The Truth
D’banj Speaks with Olisa Adibua on The Truth

On the first episode of veteran broadcaster Olisa Adibua, online interview programme called ” The Truth ‘‘ pop star D’banj, open ups on his journey to stardom, how he met Don Jazzy and all that you want to know about the split of Mo’Hits Records.

This is the complete part 2 of the interview D’banj had with Olisa Adibua. In this session D’banj, speaks on how he did not know that ” Oliver Twist” will be huge success for his musical career, how he felt rejected by Don Jazzy in south Africa, how none of his crew show up for his Koko Concert in UK, the heat he received for campaign for President Jonathan, in last election, how one of his friend defrauded him sum of $2Millions and many others.

He further reveled that he owns digital distribution company, he denies owning any debt and says his lawyers are on it, he owns all the trademark of his Koko Holdings Company, but get agitated with Olisa’s attempt and suggestions that he did not create his own music.

As he settled in South Africa, he got word from his team that Oliver Twist was going viral. He booked his ticket and headed to UK for a concert. He contacted Kanye West who agreed to show up after listening to and liking the song.

If the right money comes, Don Jazzy and D’Banj will perform together, once again.

He asked for an interview with Goodluck Jonathan.

He was never paid for the interview. He was paid for his performance as an artist.

He would not conduct an interview with Goodluck Jonathan at this time in 2015 because he is busy.

When was the last time D’Banj have a hit music? He feels ‘Top of the World’ was that song and was played on World Cup.

People are emotional because they want D’Banj and Don Jazzy to perform.

Excerpt Credit: AfricaMusicLaw

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