Experiences Dating Married Men 
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16 Nigerian Ladies Share Their Worst Experiences Dating Married Men

Have you ever questioned why you rarely see single women dating married men? The explanation is not entirely unbelievable. Each person has a different set of reasons for why so many women yearn for things they are unable to maintain.

Are you dating, or are you thinking about dating, a married man?

You probably don’t need me to tell you that getting involved in someone else’s marriage is a difficult scenario.

Although the choice is ultimately up to you, there are a few things you should know before dating a married man.

Some of these truths might not be pleasant to hear, but they could prevent you from experiencing grief in the future.

However, the experience listed below are some of the worst experience shared by Nigerian ladies dating married men.

Nigerian Ladies Experiences Dating Married Men 
Nigerian Ladies Share Their Worst Experiences Dating Married Men

Jane, 28

My married boyfriend lives in the UK with his family, he only comes to Nigeria once in 3 months to attend to his business and spend a week with me. He was stuck with me during the lockdown and I saw hell. I was never used to cooking but he demanded that I cook three times daily.

I spent most of my days watching how to make different Yoruba meals on YouTube. I make efo every day because that’s his favorite and it has to be freshly cooked.

That was still bearable until I realized how d!rty he was. He would neither bath nor bru$h his teeth until I beg him to. He doesn’t change boxers at all, he would say it’s not like panties for females and you can wear one several times. Most of the time he uses the toilet, I end up flushing it for him. I hated that I didn’t notice any of those before. The day he left my place was my happiest day on earth because I was tired. His wife must be a hero.

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