Paul Strings Brings New Fire Into The Gospel Music IndustryPaul Strings Brings New Fire Into The Gospel Music Industry

With the influx of many different new and exciting personalities into the music industry, the norm is now a plague that is being flushed out and considered as unclean in a music industry that is ever evolving.

Creativity and prowess is the criteria for recognition, let alone longevity.

The bar has been raised time after time, records get broken without a prior information, rave of the moments go into extinction in very quick successions, yesterday’s hits is today’s warning for failure and the guarantee of success does not outlive the sunset of the sunrise.

It is a very fast paced Industry, packed with an insatiable thirst and appetite for more and more and more.

“l realize that it is an hunger game and I am bringing my A-game to the table, l am more hungry than you can ever imagine”.

Paul Strings is famed for delivering gospel music influenced covers for circular songs, he rearranges and takes circular songs on a gospel journey. This brilliantly executed concept has earned him a decent and growing following for a first timer.

Paul Strings Brings New Fire Into The Gospel Music Industry
Paul Strings Brings New Fire Into The Gospel Music Industry

Paul Strings prowess on the lead guitar is something that the music industry needs to watch out for… swift, soulful, melodic and very futuristic.

Not forgetting the need for consistent and relevant improvements, Paul Strings hints on his intentions to consistently upgrade his craft… “l have been directing music for a while now and that gives me an edge because my responsibility as a music director is to constantly reinvent and keep the results produced by my choir fresh; and that, I have successfully done repeatedly and I look forward to exhibiting that trait in my solo career”.

The first steps of a crawling baby is usually full of excitement until the fall reminds us of the reality, some go through that phase faster than the others and it is exactly the same way in the music industry.

The first steps of a crawling new artist can bring along frustrations when expectations meet with reality, some weather the storm and come out gallant while some get lost in the frenzy.

Paul Strings says he is not new to the pressure and he hopes to go through the process as gracious as possible.

We look into the future and hope that Paul strings will ride the storm.

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