Ruggedman and Gbenga Adeyinka 1st

With the way Man United is playing this season their are still some confirm true fan of the club in nigeria. Rapper Ruggedman,as called out foremost nigeria comedian Gbenga Adeyinka 1st, on football party over who is the best club between Man United and  Arsenal.

They Kick off 2014, with Nigeria’s Most exciting Football Party tagged Celebrity Superfan Challenge .

Ruggedman: “Arsenal fans are Area Boys eeee…”
Gbenga D 1st: (cuts in) ehn! Kinni mo gbo to’oso! (Aggressively)Maa so be mo!
Ruggedman: Yes! We can hear them from as far as the Emirates. Noisy people! Chai!
Gbenga D 1st: Hahahahaha That’s the spirit of SuperFans…. You say this because you envy us lately and….
Ruggedman: (cuts in) Envious of who?
Gbenga D 1st: Arsenal of course! Your team has been sooooo woeful this season.
Ruggedman: Who tell you! Forget that jor!…….. 20 EPL titles is no joke. My team, Manchester United would win the EPL title this season.
 Gbenga D 1st: (laughs hilariously) that is d silliest new year joke.
Ruggedman: But come this January, Arsenal is going down…..
Gbenga D 1st: Aburo maa tan ‘ra e….. Man U can’t win top 4, talk more of Champions. Arsenal would win the Title this season…..I can bet 1 million Naira on that……
Ruggedman: “if I hear” ………..
And the story continues…………..
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