Subtle Cold Drama Between Don Jazzy and D'banj :  Don Jazzy Crops D’banj Out From Photo, D’banj Then Posts Original Image
Subtle Cold Drama Between Don Jazzy and D’banj : Don Jazzy Crops D’banj Out From Photo, D’banj Then Posts Original Image

It means that cold war flight between D’banj and Don Jazzy is not ending anytime soonest.

In 2005,  Pop star D’banj and his longtime friends business partner and music producer Don Jazzy, formed a formidable partnership the rock the Africa and Nigeria music industry, but in early 2012, their marriage hit the rock as they goes on their separate way.

However, early this year D’banj, announced that Don Jazzy will work with him in his 10th anniversary album this year, but it means Don Jazzy, did not happy with the recent interview D’banj, granted with Olisa Adibua‘s ” The Truth ” programme where he disclosed that Dr Sid, was among people who engineer the break-up of MoHit’s Records.

Apparently, Don Jazzy is not interested in settling scores with  his former partner, D’banj, at least not anytime soon.

Yesterday, Ace music producer and CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy, share throw-back-picture of  himself and Enrique Iglesias, Red One and Efe on his Instagram, But Don Jazzy cut off D’banj in the picture before he shared it on Instagram.

Don Jazzy Picture
Don Jazzy Picture

The original version of the picture has D’banj in it and D’banj responded by reposting the original version on his page instead. Don Jazzy’s photo.

D'banj Released the Original Image
D’banj Released the Original Image

Don Jazzy Crop Dbanj Picture 01 Don Jazzy Crop Dbanj Picture 02


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