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Davido’s Tagbo Death Saga : Caroline Danjuma Implicate Davido More in New Revelation

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Davido’s Tagbo Death Saga : Caroline Danjuma Implicate Davido More in New Revelation

Throughout this week, the story linking Davido to the death of one of friends named Tagbo steal headlines of various media platforms.

The 30 billion moniker was accused by Nollywood actress and deceased girlfriend Caroline Danjuma, for being involved in the death of Tagbo.

As the situation stands now, police had started investigation on the case that led to the commissioner of Lagos-State police to invites both Davido and Caroline Danjuma to his office. In recent interview with SDK, Caroline revealed more details implicating Davido’s in the Tagbo death saga.

According to her, She said Tagbo’s family didn’t know about his death until towards the evening of Tuesday, adding that Davido knew as at 3AM that day.

Firstly I would like to address this whole razzmatazz about David killing Tagbo and that I said so, I never said so. But yes, I did call out Davido to know the whereabouts of Tagbo but I never said he killed him. I ever used that word ‘Killed Tagbo’” she said.

Davido Reats on Tagbo Death 01

Davido’s Tagbo Death Saga : Caroline Danjuma Implicate Davido More in New Revelation

She went on to narrate the story of how she got the news of Tagbo’s death and how she reached out to his friends and family members to confirm the news. She said she met a guy that had earlier told her that Tagbo was hanging out with Davido at Shisha room before one of Tagbo’s friend got the news that Tagbo’s body was actually deposited at a hospital on the Island.

According to her, herself and some other friends of Tagbo’s had tried calling Davido’s camp to find out Tagbo’s whereabout without success, until she was told at the hospital that “he (Tagbo) was dumped and those who brought him ran away.”

She claimed that she sent Davido messages that he didn’t reply before she angrily made the post on social media seeking answers to why Davido would abandon Tagbo. She further gave detail about the suspicious activities that happened after the story broke out, that seemed as though someone was trying to cover up something and how herself and Tagbo’s associates tried to preserve the information that would be necessary in finding out what really happened to Tagbo. According to her,

We quickly munched all the videos on SnapChat. Tagbo was with Dammy Krane, Davido and Asa Asika. Davido knew that Tagbo was dead but kept quiet. He told the Police later that he would have spoken out if I didn’t call him out on the social media. Can you imagine?

The actress confirmed the story that she was in a relationship with Tagbo even till the point of his death but debunked the news that he fathered a child with her. She stressed that she is determined to see that justice is served.



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