6 Tips To Help You Prep Your Smartphone For Sale5 Smart Ways To Reduce Smartphone Expenses

6 Tips To Help You Prep Your Smartphone For Sale

6 Tips To Help You Prep Your Smartphone For Sale

It is a New Year and you may probably want to replace your smartphone you have been using for several years. Beside this, you may need money to deal with an emergency. You may decide to get rid of your phone. Whatever the case maybe, you have to prepare your phone for sale so as to get the best deal from the sale. Jumia travel shares some tips to prepare your smartphone for sale.

Backup your smartphone

Phones can automatically back up your data as far as they are connected to the internet. However, you should still check to ensure that you backup all your pictures, videos, and other important files before you sell your phone. With the backup, you can access your data whenever you want. In addition, don’t forget to remove your SD card.

Delete personal information

After backing up your device, do not forget to delete your personal information from your phone. Sensitive information like your ATM card details, contact numbers and emails should be removed. This will prevent whoever is buying your smartphone from using the information against you or to defraud Friends and family.

Find out the value

The street value for different phones depends on the brand. So, before you sell it, you should find out the street value so that you don’t sell it at a giveaway price. This is very important if you want to get the best price.

Where do you want to sell your phone?

Do you want to sell your phone online or offline? The most likely offline platform to sell your phone is computer village in Ikeja where you will never get a good bargain. There are also quite a number of online platforms where you can also sell it. So, you have to weigh your options.

Clean the device

A clean and neat smartphone is likely to be bought quicker than an ugly looking one. You can use white spirit to softly clean or wipe the phone.

Decide what to do with the accessories

In Nigeria, fairly used phones are never sold with accessories. But if you want more money, you may include chargers, earphones, and cases. So, decide on what to do with the accessories.

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