When we all thought the beef saga in Nigeria music community is over, Veteran Nigerian Hip-Hop star A-Q, fires shots at Vector for claiming that he put him on are all false, because he never really helped anyone out.

A-Q is the leader of 100 Crowns Records, an imprint label under Chocolate City Music, has waded into the beef fight between M.I Abaga & Vector, as he takes shots aiming at Vector in a diss track titled ” Distractions 2 ”.

A-Q disagrees with the claims Vector made that he brought him on into the industry. Vector says this in his shots at M.I in #JudasTheRat:

“Who are the rappers that I put on? Many more plus two out of your three. And I didn’t sign anything, I did it all for free.”

However, both Vector and A-Q had previously worked together on two different occasions, first was Vector featured AQ, Terry Tha Rapman and X.O. Senavoe on the 2011 song, “Ginja”, and second was in 2012, where AQ was featured on Vector‘s “Distractions” off his “Make Your Best Rapper Look Stupid EP, that first distraction track turned out to be a diss track at Reminisce.

A-Q took to Twitter to vent his rants:

“I’ve been off this energy for sometime now and I’d have liked it to stay that way.. But there is no way I’d let the narrative that a snake put me on go down in history .. THIS IS NOT A DISS, THIS IS ALL FACTS #Distraction2 #Iknowtoomuch”

“Get all the Social media influencers you want.. Use all the social media tricks in the world.. You can’t hide from the truth… You and I know what’s really going on. Don’t you ever in your life say you put me on, F***ing ingrate”

A-Q -- Distraction 2 (Vector Diss)
A-Q Wades In M.I Abaga Vs Vector Beef with ” Distraction 2 ” Diss Track At Vector

I did not talk about what happened with your group Badda boiz, I did not talk about a certain female rapper or your yankee trip for the mavado song and so on.. Go ahead.. Force my hand, you’d get #Distraction2, 3 and 4 at least, I got all month

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