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Breaking : Noted Broadcaster and Journalist Edmond Obilo And Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi Resigns From Splash FM



Breaking : Noted Broadcaster and Journalist Edmond Obilo And Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi Resigns From Splash FM


It was a heart breaking and intense moment early hours of today, during the popular ” Voices ” programme when noted Ibadan based broadcaster and journalist Edmund Obilo and radio host and political analyst Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi announced that they are both leaving Splash FM Ibadan to purse their dreams.

Veteran broadcaster Radio Man fondly called by his fans says he’s leaving Splash FM to purse his dreams but so coincidental that he and Ife are leaving at the same time and he said there is no hassle or quarrel between him and the management of the Splash FM. ‘’We have decided to pursue our dreams in different ways’’

He said, Seven years ago chief Adebayo Akande the founder of Splash FM called him that have u watch Fareed Zakaria on CNN and Edmond Obilo he said no. Chief Adebayo Akande then said that is the man I want you to be like. Edmond said ‘’I started watching, studying and reading Zakaria’s books’’

‘’Studying the likes of Christopher Wallace and works of great broadcaster round the world’’ ‘’ For me to be like Fareed Zakaria I must be a scholar broadcaster, I must go beyond reading and reporting, I must be able to analyze news, forming perspective and make projection’’

He said, ‘’Adebayo Akande accept my resignation on Wednesday as we earlier discussed that when it is time he will allow me to go. I will not go beyond this explanation because am already down. It is a small world and splash fm is still our home’’ He said his last program on splash fm radio station will be on Wednesday, 28th of September 2016.

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Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi said ‘’I started my analysis on Splash FM with the issue of Boko Haram and my second edition analysis was on National youth service corps and I spoke against the program and was lambasted on social media for my opinion on NYSC program and I said I will not do analysis on voices anymore but Edmond Obilo encouraged me not be dissuaded by those comments”.

”Many Month and years after I get used to analysis bothering the state of the Nation”. She was asked that, what will happen to leading woman? She answered ‘’Broadcasting craft continue someone else will replace me’’. Where are you going? ‘’Am going to pursue my dreams, sometimes in life we will not find rest not until we pursue our dreams’’ She said, It has been an honor been with Edmond Obilo, ‘’I have picked a lot of things from Edmond instinct and characteristics’’.

Edmond Obilo is noted journalist who anchors various programs on Splash FM such as ” Voices ” (where he put politicians on hot seat and ask them hardest questions), ” Economic Search Light ” and ” Bulls Eyes ” , while Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi is an analyst on voices program on Splash FM, She is also a broadcaster and speaks on various issues concerning Nigeria and the world at large.

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