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Changing the Culture by Forming a new Habit Model of Newsletter!

GYOnlineNG Daily Diges


Changing the Culture by Forming a new Habit Model of Newsletter!

Hello my fellow GYOnlineNG Readers, on the 7th of last month was the last time we posted any stuff on this prestigious platform. If you might be thinking what went wrong, don’t go too far I will offer an answer to that question in your mind. Philosophers say change is constant and re-inventing is the biggest hack strategy of any successful product, services or brand.

However, the true core of our platform is to be engaging, entertaining and informative, while our core audience are the youth from the age circle of 14 – 40 years both men and women because those age circle are actually the Smartphone users in the African internet market.

As part of our re-inventing model at GYOnlineNG.COM, we are changing the culture to build a smart readable habit with our audience. A habit is an action carried out with little to no thought. Nigerian entertainment & music industry news searchers can now get all the juicy news in one single post through our newsletter mail everyday. Now that is the real deal?.

GYOnlineNG Daily Digest

Changing the Culture by Forming a new Habit Model of Newsletter!

Our new model is to curate all the important news in the entertainment & music sector with short summarized texts, that will solve our readers stress of surfing the internet to get the real news in one place. Our newsletter model will solve the pain of our readers from going from place to place in order to get all the entertainment & music industry.

Our short period in the media industry and African digital space has opened our eyes to the fact that to be successful in this highly competitive industry you need to be different. Over the years we analysed the business model of successful platforms such as Buzzfeed, Vice, Viral Nova, the Hustle, Upworthy & others that have created unique space for themselves alongside with the multi-billion dollar media company such as CNN, Fox News, BBC & others.

Our new approach is to send out the important news & insightful articles every morning at 10:AM to you, which range from entertainment to music industry. I promise you it will be fun and you will surely love it.

You can join our newsletter by subscribing or sharing it with your friends, family and colleagues on social media. Stop Using Hours to Surf the Internet, We Deliver the News to You in one Single Post Every Morning. It will be fun and entertaining, once again subscribe to join our growing list of newsletter readers.

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