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Kanye West Apologizes for Controversial Slavery ” Choice ” Comment

Kanye West Apologise On Slavery Choice Comment

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Kanye West Apologizes for Controversial Slavery ” Choice ” Comment

American Rap Mogul, Fashion Entrepreneur and G.O.O.D Music boss Kanye West, has finally come out to apologize for his controversial comments on slavery issue saying, he is “sorry for the people that felt let down.” Earlier this year, during an interview with TMZ, Kanye West faced a major backlash when he said that hundreds of years of slavery in the US “sounds like a choice”.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years — for 400 years? That sounds like a choice. You were there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all. It’s like we’re mentally imprisoned,” he said.

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel, West failed to apologize despite given the opportunity to clarify his comments. In a new radio interview with 107.5 WGCI Chicago, West has now said “sorry” to everyone who was affected by his outburst.

“What I want to say to everyone listening right now – I have never really approached or addressed the slavery comment fully. And it’s not something for me to overly intellectualise.

“This is something about the fact that it hurts people’s feelings and the way that I presented that piece of information. I could present it in a way more calm way, but I was ramped up. And I apologise.”

He continued: “That happens sometimes when people are—I’m not blaming mental health, but I’m explaining mental health.

“I don’t know if I properly apologised for how the slavery comment made people feel. I’m sorry for the one-two effect of the MAGA hat into the slave comment, and I’m sorry for people that felt let down by that moment.

Kanye West Apologise On Slavery Choice Comment

Kanye West Apologizes for Controversial Slavery ” Choice ” Comment

“And I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to talk to you about the way I was thinking and what I was going through.”

Kanye also addressed his failure to answer Kimmel’s question on whether President Trump cared about black people.

“I feel that [Trump] cares about the way black people feel about him, and he would like for black people to like him like they did when he was cool in the rap songs and all this.

“He will do the things that are necessary to make that happen because he’s got an ego like all the rest of us, and he wants to be the greatest president, and he knows that he can’t be the greatest president without the acceptance of the black community.

“So it’s something he’s gonna work towards, but we’re gonna have to speak to him.”

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