P-Square Is BackP-Square Is Back! 4 Years After, the Okoye's Brother, P-Square Settled Their Differences

PSquare Update: 4 Years After, African Biggest Group P-Square Is Back

Africa’s most celebrated music group, P-Square is back, the Nigerian music superstars Peter & Paul Okoye put an end to the famous breakup of 2017.

The duo of veteran Nigerian music legend, and one of the pioneers of Nigeria’s Afrobeats genre & culture, P-Square, has put an end to their differences as they are back to following each other on Instagram, and well-had feast together at Paul’s house in, Lagos.

Sometimes in 2015, a report surfaced online about breaking up rumours of the singing duo, but by 2017, both stars including their elder brother Jude Okoye, who acted as their manager went their separate ways.

P-Square Is Back
P-Square Is Back! 4 Years After, the Okoye’s Brother, P-Square Settled Their Differences

P-Square Is Back! Latest PSquare News 

About a few days ago, a video was posted online by Paul Okoye‘s wife Anita, where Peter was seen talking his twin brother’s children on a shopping spree in the United States of America. Hours after the three of the Okoye’s brothers followed each on Instagram.

PSquare Back


In an exciting way, both Paul and Peter were together hugging each other with Paul saying ” Case Closed “ for his twin brother. About a few years ago, both stars started their solo careers, with one bearing Mr P & Rudeboy respectively.


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