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How to Relocate to Canada Without IELTS From Nigeria

How to Relocate to Canada Without IELTS from Nigeria


How to Relocate to Canada Without IELTS From Nigeria

Why I’m Considering Relocate To Canada Without IELTS From Nigeria

IELTS is a required test for those who want to study in Canada. IELTS is an English language assessment that the University of Toronto requires for all undergraduate degree programs, and for most graduate programs. The IELTS exam tests your ability to use, understand, read and write English at the university level.

If you are considering moving to Canada without IELTS, there are other options available to you. You can apply for a study permit without taking the IELTS exam if you have completed a Canadian secondary or post-secondary school education program with at least six months of full-time enrolment within the past two years and meet specific other requirements.

How Can I Move to Canada from Nigeria without IELTS

Nigeria, a country in Western Africa is home to over 190 million people. It is the most populous country in Africa. It is also one of the most culturally diverse countries with more than 250 languages spoken.

Canada, on the other hand, is a North American country that shares borders with the United States and Mexico. Canada has around 36 million people living in it. The majority of Canadians speak English and French as their first language.

How To Travel to Canada From Nigeria Without IELTS

There are many reasons why someone might want to move to Canada from Nigeria but not all of them are valid reasons for Canadian immigration authorities to grant such requests. One example would be when someone wants to move because they need medical treatment that cannot be provided in Nigeria. Another example would be if they were being persecuted by their own government or by

Why Your Canadian Immigration Case Might Be Denied and How You Can Fix It

In this section, you will learn about some of the common reasons why your Canadian immigration case might be denied and how you can fix them. The first thing that we should take into consideration is your criminal record. If you have a criminal record outside of Canada, it might be difficult for you to obtain a visa to enter Canada. If this is the case, then make sure to mention any past convictions in your application.

Next, we need to take a look at any gaps in employment history. Employers in Canada generally want people who have stable employment histories that show they are able to support themselves and their families without assistance from the government. If there are gaps in your work history or if you have been unemployed for an extended period of time, then it is important that you explain this in your application.

If you have been out of work for an extended period of time, you should be prepared to provide a strong argument as to why it is not due to a lack of qualification or unwillingness to work.

If there are gaps in your employment history, then it is important that you mention this on the individual application form – this will allow the officer to review.

Relocate to Canada Without IELTS from Nigeria

What are the Advantages of Moving To Canada?

Moving to Canada can be a great idea for many reasons. There are many advantages of moving to Canada. The country is bilingual and has a good healthcare system. The country is welcoming and has a low crime rate. Canadians are also known for their politeness and friendliness.

How Much Does It Cost to Study In Canada From Nigeria

The cost of studying abroad is largely determined by the type of school, program, and country.

There are two categories of universities in Canada: public and private. Public universities are free for Canadian citizens or permanent residents, while the average yearly tuition at a private university is $7,600 to $12,000 CAD per year.

How Much Do I Need To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria

Furthermore, there are three types of undergraduate programs that you can study in Canada: a bachelor’s degree (3-4 years), a master’s degree (2 years), or an Experiential Learning degree (1 year).

A bachelor’s degree can cost between $5,000-$10,000 CAD per year while a master’s degree costs between $5-8K CAD per year.

Is Relocating To Canada From Nigeria Worth It

Canada is a popular destination for migrants. It is a safe country with good infrastructure and a mild climate. Canada’s population grew by 5% in the last 20 years and its growth rate has been among the highest in the world.

There are more people living in Canada than ever before and that trend will continue into the future. The economy is on an upswing that should make it even more appealing to new immigrants. It is advisable to study the pros and cons of relocation before deciding on this decision.

How to Relocate to Canada Without IELTS from Nigeria

How to Relocate to Canada Without IELTS from Nigeria

Relocate To Canada Without IELTS

This post will further help you find out about the steps to relocate to Canada without IELTS, a common requirement for Canadian immigration.

There are many circumstances where a person may require to relocate to Canada but doesn’t have IELTS scores. Reasons vary and range from university admissions, citizenship requirements, or applying for an extension of stay.

This post will provide advice on how to apply for and successfully complete the process of relocation without IELTS.

How Long Does it Take To Process an Immigration Visa Application?

The processing time for an immigration visa application can vary depending on the type of visa, the country of origin, and the country of destination.

Processing times depend on a number of factors:

– The type of visa being applied for.

– The country in which the applicant is currently residing.

– The country to which they are applying to be resettled.

– The current workload and capacity of immigration authorities in each receiving country.

How to Relocate to Canada Without IELTS Nairaland

In your search to relocate to Canada without IELTS Nairaland, a Nigeria’s leading online forum discussion community, There are different ways you can relocate to Canada are:

– by marrying a Canadian citizen and then applying to live in their country while they sponsor you on a three-year temporary resident visa.

– by applying as an entrepreneur or self-employed worker.

– by being accepted as a skilled worker or permanent resident of Canada.

Study In Canada Without IELTS 2022

A study permit from Canada allows a foreign student to stay in Canada for any length of time. It is a permit granted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada that is given to foreign students who want to study in the country for more than six months.

It provides permission for the student to study and attend lectures in order to complete the course or program. Students are not allowed to work on their own or be sponsored by an employer during the studies, but they can engage part-time in off-campus employment as long as it does not exceed 20 hours per week.

Students are required to show that they have enough money available before they can start studying. They are also required to prepare documentation showing that they have met all eligibility criteria and submit an application at least eight weeks before the date when the school resume.

Yes, you can further your study in Canada without taking the IELTS exam because theri are several Canadian colleges that provide several options for students who do not have IELTS results. Language proficiency exams such as TOEFL, Duolingo English Test CanTEST, PTE, CAEL, CPE, Cambridge English Exams, and others are available as alternatives.

Relocate to Canada Without IELTS from Nigeria

How To Migrate to Canada From Nigeria Without IELTS

The following are the basic stages to effectively relocating to Canada via the Study route.

Step 1: Take relocation seriously and believe in it.

Because I’ve been there, I don’t want to tell you stories about how dreams come true. All I can say is that you must take your application seriously and trust that you will be able to relocate to Canada effectively.

See, the best part about all of this is that once you’re on board and have your visa, you’re gone. And I promise you won’t recall how difficult it was to travel to Canada. To begin with, the experience of Canada may be more difficult to recover from than the experience of the United States.

Step 2: Submit an application for an international passport.

Because you’ve already decided to relocate, you’ll need to apply for an international passport as soon as possible.

After being apprehended in Nigeria, you can expect to receive it on the collection date, one month later, or even two months later (depending on the immigration office).

So, before you do anything else, I propose that you apply for it. The 36-page passport costs N25,000 online or N26,000 offline (as of January 2021). Check with the Immigration office for the most recent rates.

Step 3: Gather Educational Materials

You should prepare associated documentation while researching schools that match your educational qualifications. Get an IELTS waiver from your school first.

Alternatively, converse.

Step 4: Find a list of scholarships and apply

Check out the Canadian universities and colleges that provide scholarships and apply based on your educational qualifications.’ Students with Second Class Lower Degrees, Third Class Degrees, and Pass Students must apply to Colleges, whilst those with Second Class Upper Degrees and First-Class Degrees must apply to Universities.

Whatever the case may be, you should always check with the specific university to see if you can apply as a second-class lower graduate.

Step 5: Compose a Motivational Letter

You should spell out why you wish to study in the prospective Canadian institution, sometimes known as a Statement of Purpose. The Statement of Purpose gives the admissions committee information about who you are and what you want to study.

Step 6: Prepare your studies CV

This, like your Statement of Purpose, should be thoroughly and professionally prepared.

Your CV contains a comprehensive overview of your academic achievements, publications, and scholarly interests, as well as abilities gained through academic degrees and relevant teaching or research experience (if any).

Step 7: Request a Study Permit

A student visa allows you, a foreign student, to study in Canada. It is a required immigration document for all international students who wish to study in Canada.

After completing the other stages, you can apply for a study permit on the Canadian Immigration website.

Step 8: Submit an application for a work permit

Those who will continue to study full-time should apply for a work permit.

Why You Should Consider Immigration if You Really Want a Better Life

In conclusion, immigration is a very important part of the American Dream. It is important to know that it is not easy to immigrate, but if you really want a better life and you are willing to go through the process, then do it.

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