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Where Can I Download Nigerian Movies for Free? Here Is Top 10 Websites to Download Movies for Free in Nigeria

Websites to Download Movies for Free in Nigeria

Nollywood Movies

Where Can I Download Nigerian Movies for Free? Here Is Top 10 Websites to Download Movies for Free in Nigeria

Wait! Are you searching through the web on ” Where can I download Nigerian movies for free? Or you’re searching for websites to download Nollywood movies for free in Nigeria? Then don’t search further because you’re going to discover the Websites to download Movies for Free in Nigeria here.

In this article, we will show you the best list of free websites where you can download your latest favorite Nigerian movies and TV shows for free. There are now quite a few websites that offer to stream movies and TV series online. But on this page, you get an overview of the best places to download latest movies in Nigeria completely free.

Everyone in this world likes to see a movie, but booking a Nigeria old movies ticket and watching it in a theater costs a lot nowadays and it also takes a lot of your time. You need to consume your money as well as time. On the other hand, if you can not afford the fare, you will have to wait a long time to see it on TV or other online streaming sites for Nollywood Nigeria movies.

Nigeria movies latest 2021 But there are other options as well where you can download the latest movies and watch them later according to your convenience as well. Here we will make you aware of the best movie download sites where you can enjoy your favorite Nollywood movie or Nigerian African movies at any time.

You can watch your favorite Nigerian Nollywood movie from your home without hitting the cinema. On the other hand, finding a free and genuine movie download site is a daunting task. Many times you can land in risky or unsafe places for Nigeria movies 2020. So with the help of this guide, you can have a good knowledge of the best Nollywood movie download sites or Nigeria full movie with plenty of security and safety.

Here are the best websites to download movies in Nigeria for free. I mean, Here is the list of free movie download sites that offers Nollywood and international content. Nigeria Movies 2021 Or 10 Websites to Download Nollywood Movies for Free In Nigeria. 

Websites to Download Movies for Free in Nigeria

Where Can I Download Nigerian Movies for Free? Here Is Top 10 Websites to Download Movies for Free in Nigeria

1. DeloniferaTV

This selection might surprise you, but DeloniferaTV is an African own web platform that provides free and paid worldwide African movies.

Visit DeloniferaTV and enjoy a variety of Nollywood movies freely or subscription-based.


Don’t get it twisted TheNetnaija is one of the best destinations you can quickly find both Nigerian and trending foreign movies for free.

Click Here To Visit TheNetNaija

3. NollyLand

One of the perfect movies platform in Africa with a great user interface. You can download Nollywood movies or stream. You can download Nigerian, Ghanaian, and other African films on the website.

Click Here To Visit NollyLand

4. RealNollyTv

The site brings you free Nigerian movies for download. It is one of the smoothest platforms to download Nigerian movies. Although, terms and conditions apply.

Click Here To Visit RealNollyTv

5. IROKO Tv App

This has to be the biggest platform for Nigerian movies download. You can use the app to access thousands of Nollywood movies. And you can visit the IROKO TV official website to enjoy amazing and new movie content.

Click Here To Download The Iroko Tv App

6. Naijapals

This website allows you to stream or download the latest Nollywood movies on your device. There is a lot of content on the site from movies to music videos and many more. You can also visit the site for the latest news.

Click Here To Visit NaijaPals

7. IbakaTV

There are thousands of Nigerian Nollywood movies on the IbakaTV app. It is available for both Android and IOS users. You can stream as well as download directly to your phone with the app. You can also go to their official website to start watching movies of your choice.

Click Here To Get The IbakaTV App

8. CodedWap

On this website, you can download the latest 2020 Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Indian movies for free.

There is also a dedicated segment for entertainment news. So, with CodedWap you have everything you need at your fingertips for the latest and clean Nollywood movies in 2020

Click Here To Visit Codedwap

9. NaijaOnPoint

This is another great website that allows you to download Nigerian movies for free in 2020.

There are also different segments for news and entertainment. Just like CodedWap with this website you never lose any latest Naija movies.

Click Here To Visit NaijaOnPoint

10. WapBaze

This website has a lot of videos contents you can download Nigerian movies and other foreign movies.

Websites You Can Use to Download Yoruba Movies for Free

You can easily download Yoruba movies from the following sites:

  • Ibaka Tv.
  • Buzz Nigeria.

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