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Ahead of 2015 Election: Influence and Role of Celebrity Endorsement in Politics


Ahead of 2015 Election: Influence and Role of Celebrity Endorsement in Politics

D’banj with President Goodluck Jonathan

D’banj with President Goodluck Jonathan

In less down 6 months and some days, our great nation Nigeria will decide another public officials into various arms of government, and the main purpose of this post is to know the vital role that celebrity endorsement plays in modern democracy around the world.

Over the last years, celebrity have play important and prominent role in political realm of any nation. In short word, there are political activism seems to have scores highest during the general campaign session.

However several celebrities stars in the last few election such as Oprah Winfrey,  Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks Jay-Z, Neil Patrick Harris, LeBron James, endorses Democratic candidate and present President of American, Barrack Obama in last American election, while the likes of  Donald Trump, Ted Nugent,Joy Behar, Gretchen Wilson, Cindy Crawford,  Kid Rock endorse Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the last American in 2014.

Oprah, and Barrack Obama

Then coming down home in Nigeria, 2011  general election is another case study  —  Afro pop star D’banj, and his former business partner Don Jazzy, recorded a non-partisan voters campaign track  “Our Time” which was later converted into a Pro-Jonathan campaign, While the likes of  Olu Jacob, Kelly Hansome, Stephanie Okereke, Monalisa Chinda, Desmond Elliot, Ini Edo,Ramsey Nouah, Geneieve Nnaji and many others campaign for President Ebele Jonathan.

In another note the likes of  P-Square, Sunny Neji, DJ Zeez, Peace ,Saheed Osupa, Tuface, Banky W, WizKid, Darey, Weird MC , 9ice, Basketmouth, Seyi Law , Princess also endorsed the re-run election of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, for Lagos State governor, with a concert tagged “My City Rocks”.
Over the years political scientist has argue that celebrity endorsement means nothing for any Politian’s to win any election, but their philosophy and theory were totally wrong in recent election.
Recently am interested in knowing why celebrity star have made the decision to cross over political arena.

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In addition, I further learnt that celebrity endorsement play vital for citizen to decide on whom they voted for and they even make it easier for citizen to distinguish among candidates.

“If endorsements affect all kinds of behavior, why would we think that they wouldn’t affect voting behavior?”.

Celebrity endorsement of political candidates can make a difference at the polls.

Top Reason Politicians Goes for Celebrity Stars for Endorsement

However, celebrity endorsements are useful for three reasons. One, they are influential; two, they bring in money; and three, they get people talking.

To gauge popularity and manage it varied geographically

Most of politicians discover that there main targeted markets are in the hands of these celebrity stars and they leverage the sequence for the success.
To mobilize young Citizens :

“This process is by which individuals develop a connection with celebrities, increasing the likelihood that the viewer will perform the behaviors advocated by the celebrity , is called ‘identification.’” Identification is a major component of the persuasion process in which celebrities influence audience behavior. According to statistics reports about 40% young adults ages 18-35 were influenced by celebrity endorsements in the last election.
It Influence voters decision on who to vote for in election

Yes celebrity endorsement  influence decision-making, because most of these celebrity stars are loved by their fans and even some have them as their role model.
It track politicians campaign Rally: Not ever candidate are popular but with the support of these celebrity stars they are can easily reveal their manifesto to the electorate.

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The Benefits of Celebrity Endorsements

Build brand equity: In last general election pop star D’banj, is already a household name in Nigeria, that must people have him as their role model.

Help people remember ads: Nollywood stars campaign for president Jonathan in last election and their various ads create more awareness for electorate to vote for him.

Make people believe the product contributes to superstar status

Stand out

The Risks of Celebrity Endorsement

While it has become easier than ever for household names to support a candidate through Twitter,Facebook, BBM, Nairaland  and YouTube, it turns out that famous people sharing their political views is hardly a new development.

As the next general election is coming nearer, will like to  advice our celebrity stars to take note of the following areas, before making any decision to endorse any politicians.

Transparency: Celebrity star must follow candidate with good track of transparency and accountability for good governance. They should beware of the power-driven politicians.

Integrity: Celebrity star must have the masses in their hearth, so that they will not fell into trick of the politicians, because how can we as your loyal fans trust your endorsement for that politicians,  if you have received an undeclared gift or cash.

Genuine Conviction: This is the best part I love, did the celebrity star have the same motive with the politicians. You have to share the same reason with who your are endorsement , not just because of money or politicians post.

As election is coming, celebrity endorsement in politics — – Way Forward or Selling Out ?

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