Africa Must Rise, Perception Or Reality by Ogunmola Tope

We’ve been made to believe that modern Africa cannot compete with or be advanced than the Western world or Asia pertaining to socio-economical development and political stability because of how she’s currently been governed.

It look as if Africa lacks all of what is needed to be like the top developed continents in the world, yet we’ve forgotten
that what developed the western world is the wealth of Africa ranging from natural resources viz human and geological

In the religious circle, especially among the Abrahamic faiths, it’s generally believed that the forebearers of the
African continent are under ancestral curse which generated into her present era. The curse which is made known through the Bible, as it was pronounced by Noah upon Canaan his grandson, the son Ham, because Ham who at first hand saw the nakedness of Noah his father that was caused by been drunk from the taste of the vine he vegetated after the flood and he doesn’t cover him up.

“Noah said, cursed be Cannan, a slave he shall be onto his brothers Shem and Japheth, while Japheth will dwell in the tent of Shem.” Genesis 9:18-27

Nevertheless, the first man to create a global empire from the biblical source of info, is Nimrod whom is also known as Ba’al (Lord), he is a grand son of Cush (Ethiopia), whom is a brother to Canaan who’s also a brother to Mizra (Egypt) Genesis 10:6-20. Nimrod centered his governmental authority at Babylon, the mordern day Iraq which is the Land of Shem and ruled from there, in his time was the chariot, pulley system and elevators were invented. He was called a “mighty hunter before the LORD (Jehovah the God of Shem)”. This God said that, if He continue to allow Nimrod and his people in building the tower, there won’t be anything too difficult for them to achieve further, because that tower is meant to trap the “essence of life; the Spirit of God; Angel of God or the LORD; Shekinah; Pillar of Cloud” at it pinnacle, which will make them to eventually control time. Genesis 10:8-12, 11:1-8.

Africa Must Rise, Perception Or Reality by Ogunmola Tope 00
Africa Must Rise, Perception Or Reality by Ogunmola Tope

After his fall, Mizra (Egypt) rises and we can see the mystery behind the erection of the pyramids and other magnificent structures there, yet the so-called Shemites (Israelites) were made to slave there, where they learned many forms of erudite knowledge and skills that helped them to transform Cannan into a developed nation as Isreal. In this Egypt was Moses also a prince, which qualified him for every erudite knowledge in the workings of things that he cannot but learn so as to be differentiated from the common men.

In Egypt is the first world tertiary education level formed, which still remains today as the Al-Azhar University, not to
talk of the great Alexander Library, where epitome of ancient knowledge that positively affects modern science, philosophy and esotericism was found, though at the end Egypt fell.

What have I been saying so far? I am saying that Africa has the potential to rise again as it has been pointed to above and be free from the believe in an inheritance curse used against her, by making her to see Egypt as a metaphor for the enemy which makes us pray that:

“Our befallen Egypt (Africa) mustn’t rise again.”

We see ourselves been cursed and as paganism rooted that’s why we label our source (Egypt) not to rise again, yet Israelites (Shemites) slaved there to gain all kinds of knowledge. It’s a bad choice on perception that keeps leading us into making such prayer.

We have been conditioned to believe there’s an enemy and to not see the rise of such enemy anymore is our course of being a champion, but have forgotten the basic natural principle of “everything falls only to rise and all rises only to fall”, it’s cyclic and that’s what the survival of all things rest upon.

There’ll always be an enemy, because there’s oneself, if we allow ourselves to be trampled upon, we become our own enemy and if we allow ourselves to be lifted high we then defeat our own enemy which is ourself. No enemy is greater than oneself; before an external enemy invades us, we’ve already gave the chance knowingly or unknowingly.

“We but create our own demons”. – Socrates

“If you want to change the world, change yourself first.” – Lao Tzu

Even the Saviour said, “before you were told to hate your enemies, but now I tell you that, love them and pray for them”, because he knows the rule of onself been his own first enemy.

The Bible says, “resist the enemy (devil) and it will flee”.

Darkness like enemy, it can’t be obliterated or be compelled not to rise, but can only be reduced to a particular degree. Even Satan isn’t killed, he’ll be made to rise after his fell into a domain which God will partition for him out of His own so as to make him a ruler over a part of creation that’s relevant to him; he’s thus the ruler of the dark world and no rulership doesn’t have it own elevation, which is a notion of arising.

Though Africa have risen and fallen from the time of Nimrod to the time of the Pharaohs and yet hasn’t risen again due to some degree of immorality which at it peak is our perception of giving to a believe in an ancient curse and making ourselves a metaphorical enemy that need not to rise, yet this doesn’t mean we can’t rise again, but we need a change of perception into believing that “our Egypt (Africa) is to rise in righteourness”.

“Righteousness exalts a nation”. – Proverbs 14:34

Especially, we Christians believed that Jesus Christ our Saviour have redeemed all curses right from the time of Adam, yet it’s a pity to see that we still believe that curse pronounced on Ham as our ancestral forefather still generates, that’s why we’re still slaves to Shem (Asia) and Japheth (Western world). Then what do we believe, Christ or the curse?

Even, in UK and other lands in which the Queen still rules, their Anthem and Motto starts with “God save the Queen”, and has been put on the tongue of almost every citizen and they all expresses faith in the statement, the same goes with United States which has the saying of “God bless the United States…because in God they trust”. When multiple minds focus on a particular motion, it will become a reality and that’s why we see that God saves the Queen still, which in turn saves her people and God blesses America the more. This is known as the highest order of sorcery for minds to focus on one thing for positive achievement.

When Christians of the early church gathered together in one voice, their prayer of one mind vibrates the walls, floor and the roof of the building that confines them. Acts 4:23-31.

To Nigerians, our current Egypt is our nation; the giant of Africa, when she rise, Africa rises…so what’s next?



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