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Why You Should Start Drinking Coffee: Here’s 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Every Day

benefits of drinking coffee


Why You Should Start Drinking Coffee: Here’s 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Every Day

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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Every Day

For better or worse, it appears that we will continue to look forward to our first cup of coffee after finishing the last cup of the day. It has long been speculated and debated whether drinking coffee on a daily basis was actually healthful. However, a plethora of studies have offered scientific evidence of the numerous health benefits experienced by the horde of coffee drinkers, including myself.

Coffee is used almost everywhere; in the United States, for example, coffee drinks on a regular basis by 85% of adults and is the primary source of antioxidants for the American population as a whole. However, that cup of java contains caffeine, which can raise adrenaline levels and influence blood pressure.

The genuinely wonderful news is that there are more reasons to embrace coffee rather than avoid it. This is a beverage that should be used in moderation of 2-3 cups per day to get the greatest advantages while minimizing the risk of developing a caffeine habit. Here are 10 health benefits of drinking coffee every day!

1. Does Caffeine Improve Memory?

Caffeine has been shown to improve short-term memory with as little as one cup of coffee per day, compared to an average of 4-5 cups. Researchers used an fMRI to measure brain activity, which revealed an increase in reaction time and heightened cognition. Test takers clearly improved in areas of the brain responsible for concentration and knowledge retention.

Coffee Seed

Although caffeine improves attention, it is yet unclear what long-term impact it has. However, it improved consolidation in terms of recalling long-term memories. A group of researchers observed that Alzheimer’s patients who drank coffee on a regular basis had greater memory recall. Furthermore, in people who had not yet been diagnosed with memory loss, daily caffeine consumption protected against or delayed Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Coffee Contains Healthful Antioxidants

There are over a thousand different types of antioxidants contained in coffee beans, with hundreds more released throughout the brewing process. Nothing comes close to supplying more of it when compared to other sources. Fruits and vegetables, for example, are high in antioxidants, but it appears that the human body absorbs more of them while drinking a cup of freshly made coffee.

Antioxidants serve an important function in keeping us healthy and preventing cell damage. It’s also important for reducing inflammation in the body, which helps with the symptoms of many chronic illnesses like joint pain and arthritis. Coffee also contains a specific antioxidant that protects against the development of cardiovascular illnesses.

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