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Stop Bleating to Attracts Attention Fayose – Dare Adeleke


Stop Bleating to Attracts Attention Fayose – Dare Adeleke

Fayose and those who support him will end up on the deepest and dirtiest part of the history of Yoruba land- Dare Adeleke

Ex-Governor Ayo Fayose’s statement that Governor Seyi Makinde is his ‘godson’ has continued to draw the ire of many southwest PDP members.

In his latest tirade against the governor, Fayose who has been accused of being in a secret deal to deliver the South West to APC strongman, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was quoted as saying that Governor Seyi Makinde cannot be his leader claiming that he, Fayose, is a street man.

In a published interview, Fayose asserted thus: “Makinde is my godson here, I am his political father. He can’t control me. I am not looking for money from Makinde. I am not a contractor, he can’t impose any decision on us.

“We had a meeting in Makinde’s house and we all agreed on what to do only for him to back down on our agreement. I went to meet him and he assured me he would stick to our agreement. Agreements ought to be honoured and if there is going to be a change, everybody should be carried along. Makinde is not the party; he cannot unilaterally alter an agreement reached by party members.

“Makinde should tread carefully, we are streetwise in this game; we are veterans. We are ready for peace. I am not looking for favours from the governor. People know that I don’t shy away from what I believe in. I have enough energy to deploy and I don’t shy away from war,” 

Reacting to the above statement, PDP Stalwart and Chairman Oyo Pacesetters Transport, Dare said Ayo Fayose‘s statement is akin to the bleating of a wayward goat.

“When a goat goes astray resulting from it’s waywardness, it starts to bleat to attract the attention of it’s owner. That is exactly what Fayose is doing, trying to garner support for the treacherous path he has chosen.

Fayose and those who support him will end up on the deepest and dirtiest part of the history of Yoruba land.

Dare Adeleke

Stop Bleating to Attracts Attention Fayose – Dare Adeleke

Ayo Fayose would do anything to derail the PDP in the South West because of his now open support for APC‘s Bola Tinubu, who is currently funding his latest misadventure.

It is indeed laughable that the truant Ex-Governor of Ekiti State would refer to Seyi Makinde as his ‘godson’. He also said he held Makinde’s hand to endorse him as governor.

I must drum it into Fayose’s head today, in case he has developed amnesia of the worst degree that Governor Seyi Makinde was one of those who made huge investments towards helping him retain his seat as governor of Ekiti. Our elders say that the hand which gives is always on top. Fayose, therefore cannot boast of not collecting money from Makinde when he needed it the most.

Nobody is the least surprised because like the fabled Scorpion which turns around to sting its helper, Ayo Fayose has consistently betrayed everyone who helped him along the way on his political paths, earning the inglorious title, ‘Prodigal’ a dishonorable adjective bestowed on him by ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo who Fayose also betrayed.”

That he held Makinde’s hand to endorse him, is another of Fayose’s blatant lies. He never did. It would be recalled that Fayose was at the event as a supporter and not a leader.

He had at the time, lost all political relevance and goodwill having been trounced and thoroughly disgraced by Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State. Fayose was the one desperate for clout and to be noticed in the party after his great fall from grace.”

Seyi is not in contention of leadership with you, Ayo Fayose. His one year in office has been a blessing to the people of Oyo state, and the entire South West. The record is there to show.” Adeleke stressed.

I can only pray for him to come out of EFCC case, that is hanging like an albatross over his head so he can witness the greatness in Gov. Seyi Makinde. Gov. Again, I must remind Fayose that Gov. Makinde remains his leader, both as a businessman and as a Governor. Makinde’s achievements are collosal.” Adeleke notes.

According to the Pacesetters boss: “Fayose’s allegation of an agreement between party Chieftains and Makinde, claiming that Makinde agreed that Eddy Olafeso can return as the South West Zonal Vice Chairman if he lost in the governorship race in Ondo, is the imagination of an illusive mind: “There was no time an agreement of any sort was made by Makinde to that effect. It is a lie from the pit of the Hell Fayose is leading his followers into. Fayose should desist from all these cheap lies which he cannot back with credible evidence.”

Adeleke insists that it is Fayose who is destroying the structures of the Zonal PDP in the South West.

As we all know Fayose is the one who has been using members who have no constitutional backing as his court jesters to issue all sorts of untrue statements.”

We all know why he is taking such desperate and illegal actions, which include challenging Gov. Seyi Makinde as the legally appointed leader of the South West PDP with the aim of delivering the party to his paymaster in the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Both Ondo and Ekiti have had their turns and the legal structure of zoning now points to Oyo and neither Fayose nor his band of traitors can stop that from happening.”

Probing further, Adeleke states: “Nevertheless, how can a right-thinking person allow a failure like Eddy Olafeso, to relaunch himself after he failed so deplorably and even after collecting money from our leader, Engr Seyi Makinde?”

The Pacesetters boss concludes. Also reacting to a reported call allegedly made by State Chairmen of the party in the South West advising former Governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Saka Balogun to quit chairing the reconciliation committee, Adeleke says the purported statement has Fayose’s fingerprint all over it:

“The fact is that the South West Caretaker Chairman, members of the BOT in the South West, State chairmen of the party, and various leaders from each state, affirmed Gov Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s led reconciliation committee.”

“Ex-Governor Oyinlola is a man of high repute and known antecedence. He cannot be compared to low lifers as those who signed the statement.

People who have sold their souls to a perfidious character.”

Adeleke said as he accuses the members who signed the statement of mischief.

The so-called Chairman of the State Chairmen, Dr Sikirulai Ogundele, cannot be unaware that Oyinlola’s committee was legitimately formed. I urge the good people of the southwest PDP and the public in general to ignore the group of usurpers. They are a meaningless group dancing to the tune of their paymasters”.

“It is becoming clearer now that some of Fayose’s cohorts will soon show their true colours. One of them, Alhaji Adebisi Olopoenia, just displayed his picture with Tinubu, in Best Western Hotel, Iyaganku, on social media. Very soon, the turncoats will all join Tinubu in APC.

Adeleke once again called on the PDP working committee to check the excesses of Ayo Fayose in the South West: “I urge the NWC to quickly put a stop to Fayose’s excesses in the South West zone before he completely polarizes the party.” He said.

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