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Donyom Returns With Christmas EP ” All I Want For Christmas ”

Donyom -- All I Want For Christmas EP


Donyom Returns With Christmas EP ” All I Want For Christmas ”

Following the success from its previous project ” Inspired By Love ”Donyom returns with another project, but this time around it’s Christmas project titled ” All I Want For Christmas ”.

” All I Want For Christmas ” is themed around love, family and memories that keep the heart warm.
” All I Want For Christmas ” captures the emotional, relational and social essence of Christmas in a span of 15mins 11secs, subtly maneuvering between genres to create a fine blend of an unforgettable Christmas experience.
The EP opens with its the title track and it sets the tone for a smooth ride, with focus on love and subtle description of the lover’s features, no doubt… ” All I Want For Christmas ”.
Track 2: Takes us on a childhood journey that reminds us of when all we wanted for Christmas was fine clothes, new shoes and plenty to eat and drink, of course, this is definitely a radio song.

Donyom -- All I Want For Christmas EP

Donyom Returns With Christmas EP ” All I Want For Christmas ”

Track 3: This is a socially conscious track that admonishes its listeners to spread love in this season of Christmas. It’s infectious ballad production further helps to drive home the message that it conveys.
Track 4: Is a feel-good afro Latin trap fusion that switches the tone of the EP a little, it gives you that bumpy-lets-have-fun feel, especially with the heavy vocal blend of pidgin English and Yoruba language. This track will surely do well on the radio too.
Track 5: The closing track is a baring song that calls us back to order and reminds us that the festivities of Christmas means nothing without our loved ones by our side, a piano dominated closing track that cleverly and intentionally takes us back to the beginning of the EP.

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