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11 Nigerians Shared Their Worst Relationship Break-Up Experience

Worst Break-Up Experience


11 Nigerians Shared Their Worst Relationship Break-Up Experience

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The heartbreak came from this person I dated for the longest period of time. We started dating two months to my 18th birthday, and the relationship lasted till I was 29 years old.

That’s about 11 years of my life spent in one relationship with one person. Before university, he was there. University, he was there. After university, he was there. I had no reason to think anything was going to go wrong.

And then one blessed morning during the lockdown of 2020, he woke up and said, “I can’t do this anymore.” I nearly ran mad. Actually, scrap that. I ran mad. April and May 2020 remain a blur.

For two months, I wasn’t normal. I cried everyday for five months. I would be inside a keke and be shedding tears, inside the bus and inside the church, I was shedding hot tears. Any song comes on like this, fresh tears would start.

I don’t fast, but I fasted because of this man. I became a drunkard, and had a psychotic breakdown. I was on Olanzapine for about two weeks.

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