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The Distraction Among Gospel Artists And The Ministry At Large by Tommy Tush

Tim Godfrey -- Jo Ti E


The Distraction Among Gospel Artists And The Ministry At Large by Tommy Tush

So while I was away on a short vacation, quite a lot happened or has been happening in the industry. One major thing that happened was the release of a new song #JotiE by the ROX Nation family, one of the hottest upwardly mobile gospel crew in Nigeria presently.

I have gotten reports of how some gospel Artists came hard to condemn Tim Godfrey saying he is double-faced. Some have bashed the song. Regularly you see gospel artists rising against Gospel artists. Even Christians are in the war of Rhema and Revelation on social media.

I stood with one of my mentors on Sunday when my holiday ended and he is a giant in the industry gave me full details of what has been happening.


Gospel Artists are so distracted.
We have the Assignment to impact the world.
But we have resorted to fighting one another.
Over the weekend Mayorkun shut down Ibadan with his Concert. People came for that Concert regardless of who their fav artist was. When was the last time Christians supported another Artist to shut down the city like that?
Even in many Music teams, people are still fighting over who will hold the microphone. You’re there still beefing one person because you want to lead a song or be the main Worship leader. You’re distracted already.
Artists are badmouthing another so they can get platforms. It’s so sad.

Tim Godfrey -- Jo Ti E

The Distraction Among Gospel Artists And The Ministry At Large by Tommy Tush

We are losing Millennials.
Teenagers don’t listen to Gospel Music.
Drake is their mentor. Cardi B is their mentor.
Not Dob Moen. Not Cece Winans
Yet you’re beating your daughters for twerking.
We should join hands to create content that will reach this generation. But Na lie. Na who be the worshiper and who no be worshiper we follow concern. The secular world is very smart in this areas. Olamide is doing great. Falz is busy creating content. Visit Yemi Alade and see how these guys are working hard while we are busy trying to have a sense of personal achievement by having Praise Night every Friday.

I want to humbly submit that quite a lot of us are hypocrites. We say we have issues with the song Jo Ti E. Yet 99.9% of Christian weddings that hold in Nigeria have songs by Terry G, Olamide, Phyno, Kiss Daniel and others playing at Reception. In fact, the groom who is the Youth Pastor will deliberately demand the DJ play the songs. I have heard of a Christian couple who almost fought the band who refused to play an Olamide song.

Yet ROX nation did a song that was simply a dance groove and you come hard like you’re the Holy Spirit. I have danceable songs released by Christians that you can play at parties for the next 4 hours. I’m amazed many don’t know or have the songs. It’s because we don’t support our Hip Hop artists. We believe they are entertainers and NOT Worshipers.

My post is not about Hip Hop or about Jo Ti E. I just used that as an example.

I crave and call Gospel Artists to please support one another regardless of church. Can our Top Artists plesea set a good example? Top Artists, na Una dey fight the most.

I have more to say.

Till later.

©The above is my opinion. If you disagree, it’s OK. Don’t argue on my post pls. Thanks..

My name is Tommy Tush
Na me be that Tall MD wey dey worry Music.

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