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“There Is Dignity In Being A Sex Worker” – Commercial Sex Worker, Gift Tells Chude On #WithChude Series

Sex Worker


“There Is Dignity In Being A Sex Worker” – Commercial Sex Worker, Gift Tells Chude On #WithChude Series

A certain commercial sex worker, Gift shares her experience as a sex worker with Chude Jideonwo, a host of the #WithChude weekly series. According to Gift, she said her hurtful past led her into the commercial sex industry, her reasons for staying, and her plans for the future.

Speaking on why she chose this path, despite popular opinions on alternatives, Gift shared in honesty why she felt that this was a better option for her.

There are a lot of people who would rather I take to the streets to beg. For me, I cannot beg. Begging on the street comes with many unwarranted insults thrown your way.” She said. “I see sex as a type of work, and unlike begging, there is dignity in working even if it is as a sex worker. It is a complete business transaction like any other business. You come to me for sex, I render my services, you pay me, and then the business is wrapped up.”

The poised sex worker also shared her perspective on the backlash her choice of occupation has gotten from Nigerians, especially in the current clime.

I have been accused of being one of the people who is ruining the country with our ‘undignified’ work. But, how has Nigeria helped Nigerians in the country who are suffering? There are a lot of people who have been rendered homeless by the very government meant to protect them,” she said.

Sex Worker

“There Is Dignity In Being A Sex Worker” – Commercial Sex Worker, Gift tells Chude On #WithChude

“There are a lot of people whose lives, homes, and families have been shattered and left without hope of survival. How do we expect them to fend for themselves? Different people come into this line of work for different reasons. So, until the government can let us know how they have assisted these people, the question of responsibility in destroying our image should not fall on us but the government,” she concluded.

With confidence, firmness, and assertiveness, Gift shared her story in its fullness, and she did it on her terms; revealing that despite being a sex worker, no matter how unpopular it is, there is dignity in it.

Credit: YNaija

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